Alex Gross

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Oil painter Alex Gross mish-mashes references to pop consumerism in surrealistic and sometimes apocalyptic portraits that could double as cynical ads. It’s imagery that is tailer made for Adbusters. Some of the most interesting paintings mix in current references to popular fashion and the constant distraction of cellular culture. He’s an artist with a point of view and the best guess is that when he looks around at where society currently stands, he probably isn’t particularly fond of what he’s seeing.

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Emily Burns

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I am super impressed by the beautiful and technically amazing oil paintings of Emily Burns who seems to garner a share of inspiration for the chaos created through making a mess. You can view her work via two websites, her illustration site and her home art website. She has little to say about herself but her paintings say it all.

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Scott Anderson

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Culture motif mixing artist Scott Anderson received his first BFA from Kansas State and from their went on to earn a MFA at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His surreal and sometimes apocalyptic visions are realized in oil and he has exhibited mostly throughout the U.S. since earning his MFA.

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Gglennray Tutor

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Oil painter Gglennray Tutor paints mind-numbing trompe l’oeil landscapes that are so meticulous in detail it’s almost hart to imagine they could be accomplished by the human hand. There are so many things at work here, light, form, dimension and pop culture.

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Artist Bruce Wilhelm is responsible for some genuinely trippy stallion-inspired collage style paintings. After the initial shock of the strangeness, you can take in the technical skill required to achieve the imagery.

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James Chronister

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You begin browsing the photographs of artist James Chronister and think, ‘well these are nice.’ Then you scroll down and read the title and description of the work and realize that you aren’t actually looking at photographs, you are looking at oil paintings. Then you really start to pay close attention because the detail is phenomenal.

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Michael Zavros

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Artist Michael Zavros paints fashion-inspired imagery that appears as almost photographic upon first glance. His work is meticulously crafted and the resulting imagery of his labor is genuinely beautiful. Not an easy feat with oil paint.

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Rick Leong

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I am really a fan of the surrealist landscape paintings of Rick Leong. You can see more in his Flickr-folio. There is something almost akin to old Japanese prints happening within some of the imagery. I would love to see his work in person.

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Ready, Able – Grizzly Bear

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Here is the latest and rather amazing stop motion video directed by Allison Schulnik for Grizzly Bear. Her painting has come to life.

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Mattijn Franssen

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Self taught oil painter, illustrator and photographer, Mattijn Franssen has developed a magnificent catalogue of work, most specifically his fanciful photo montage work! He also maintains a Flickr page thats worth a look.

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Allison Schulnik

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It only takes a few strokes in just the right places for artist Allison Schulnik to make a very strange and rather disquieting impression.

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Michael Ciervo

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Michael Ciervo has a really strange and interesting body of artwork that seems to stream as if from a subconscious dream.

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Glenn Brown

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Amazing paintings from both an imagination and a technical standpoint pouring from the brush of the exceptionally talented artist Glenn Brown.

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Eric White

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Eric White paints some very detailed and interesting oil paintings. Technically speaking, he is on a level that is not easy to reach.

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Seriously amazing, absolutely amazing paintings from Denver-based Lucong. A true young master. I can’t say enough about the enormity of the talent here. Really stunning and the fact that he lives in Denver is fantastic. Its always great to discover truly inspiring talent right in your own backyard.

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Roberto Bernardi

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Super realistic oil paintings that you just have to see to believe from the unquestionably talented painter Roberto Bernardi.

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