Stas Chepurnov

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Russian artist Stas Chepurnov has a strange cache of work including the above installation that is hypnotic. His work is a mix of pop and reactionary cynicism to popular culture with a particular fascination for HD television. How cool would it be to have the above installation in your home or studio (a good client distraction at least)?

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Matt Mignanelli

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Painter Matt Mignanelli’s pop art painting confections have been peaking through the blogosphere subterfuge in the last few weeks. His subtly gradiating paintings of bricks (which I at first mistook at first for keys on a keyboard) seem to be popular. Mignanelli is currently based out of New York City but has exhibited far and wide. You can see his work at both his website and through his Flickr stream.

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Fourteen Square Feet

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Artist Nick van Woert produces the kind of ‘reexamination of pre-existing/accepted western cultural art norms’ that could be described as trendy but forces you to reconsider something old as something colliding with the new. It’s the kind of art that is clever enough to make it into the highly curated postings of But Does it Float (damnit all that blog is cool). It’s also the kind of art that as an artist you look at and think, ‘shit that’s brilliant, why didn’t I think of that?’ Well, Nick beat you to it. Lastly, it’s the kind of sculptural art that could only be realized in a post pop art-modernism society. Placing one of Woert’s sculptures in your home would most certainly spark a conversation. One that would no doubt start with, ‘…well this is interesting’. Woert currently resides in Brooklyn which if you’ve been paying attention to all of the ‘it’s the kind of art that’ sentences in this post shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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Artist Nick Gentry has found a muse on our throwaway culture. He paints onto discarded computer disks and cassette tapes.

Here is a a section pulled from his artist statement:
“Since graduating from Central St Martins in 2006, the focus has been to explore how technological advancement is affecting society. Throughout history, information has always been recorded on physical objects. Important documents, favourite songs, videos and more were stored on mountains of tapes, polaroids, cassettes and disks. As media is rapidly absorbed into the World Wide Web the rich variety of formats of the past are becoming obsolete.”

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Mauro Perucchetti

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Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti is responsible for some of the most amazing, striking and provacative sculpture and object art that I have seen in some time. It’s a little bit of sex with a touch of violence mixed up with whole lotta pop. I think I like it.

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Dan Baldwin

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Dan Baldwin takes a mixed media approach to his artwork. He hacks, chops, spills, splatters and paints his compositions with frenetic energy. The end result is a mashup of the swilling vortex of violent news and popular culture.

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Danilo Rodrigues

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Danilo Rodrigues

Gen-Y Photoshop collisions are everywhere in the pop-inspired folio of Danilo Rodrigues. If you like that sort of thing, then you may want to check it out.

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