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Metropolismoloch is the work of an Italian designer named Lorenzo. He has a thing for recreating movie titles in that throwback style that seems lost on a passed era of cinema. It’s a super fun concept and provides strong inspiration for typography.

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LRNZ is the portfolio of a Rome-based graphic designer and illustrator who was formerly at partner at an Italian studio called Chimp Co that later changed it’s name to Studio Brutus. His portfolio is a wild and colorful affair filled with references to videogames, comics and manga.

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Rubens Cantuni

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There is some fun illustration work in the Behance portfolio of Italian illustrator and designer Rubens Cantuni and from what I have been hearing lately our friends in the creative industry residing in Italy need as much attention and as many projects as they can get. Hope this post helps.

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Artiva Design: Updates

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I think I have posted Italian design studio Artiva’s work before but it appears they are making a splash again around the design blogosphere with their minimal and classic work produced primarily for editorial print and branding purposes.

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Orticanoodles is the work of Alita and Wally, a pair of Italian graffiti artists who produce some truly amazing stencils through which they generate pop art influenced images that decorate urban walls, skate half-pipes and canvases. I was hoping to purchase one of their works but alas they are a little out of my price range. It would be great to see them produce a set of silkscreens based on their stencil work, I might be able to afford one of those.

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El Moro

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Italian illustrator/artist Andrea Moresco AKA El Moro is cranking out some dare I say ‘trippy’ illustration work in his Flickrfolio with boobs, armpit hair, eyballs and all.

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Nazario Graziano: Updates

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Italian designer and illustrator Nazario Graziano has launched a new website and updated his portfolio with several fun new digital collage illustrations.

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Nerdo Design Collective

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Nerdo Design Collective is a new motion and graphic design studio based in Torino, Italy. They get posted almost entirely because they were smart enough to put together the above video which has to be one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. My business card is often referred to as the American Psycho card or the Darth Vader card and it always makes me think of the above scene. It’s a clever promotional idea.

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Paolo Fumagalli

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Swiss-born artist Paolo Fumagalli is not afraid to get your mental gears spinning and even tweak your inner fears. His art mixes natural forms in collision with modern day pop culture values of violence and consumption. It makes for a disturbing cocktail that leaves a lasting and sometimes disturbing impression on the psyche. It’s even more ironic when you consider he resides in the gorgeous city of Florence, Italy. What a nice place to dwell on the ills and decay of modern society.

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No Surprises: Updates

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Italian illustrator and designer Alessandro Pautasso has updated with a colorful and stylish new website featuring equally colorful and stylish illustration work. You can also purchase several of the illustrations as prints. It’s an all together slick presentation.

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Alessandra Gerevini

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Italian freelance photographer Alessandra Gerevini sent in her work and it’s hard not to take notice of her raw and intimate imagery, some of which it appears is self portraiture that gets you very up close with the artist.

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Dido Fontana

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Italian photographer Dido Fontana said about his work, “”…I’m interested in the representation in its true essence, with no unnecessary frills, accessories, special effects or extras”. You can easily draw similarities between Fontana’s approach and the work of Terry Richardson. Despite the comparison, there are some amazing images in Fontana’s portfolio of work. The raw, jarring and candid nature of his images have a staying power in the mind’s eye and aren’t easily forgotten.

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Alberto Seveso: Updates

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Italian illustrator Alberto Seveso is always up to something new and perpetually experimenting with his style. Lately he has updated with a few new bits and bobs of work that continue to further his exploration into digital illustration.

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Artiva is a studio based in Genoa, Italy that is comprised of designers Daniele De Batté and Davide Sossi. They have some beautiful work for print in their collective portfolio.

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Italian design studio asa~ama works on projects ranging from editorial projects, artistic installations, sound design, events planning, illustration, graphic & web design, communication and music productions. They believe that sharing experience, ideas, methods and professionals skills underpins professional growth. They keep their studio open where visitors can browse a specialized library, a comprehensive music collection and a gallery of our works surrounding the designers work spaces.

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Undesign is an Italian branding company that focuses on identity work. Their approach seems to be stripping things down to their basic components. Their mission statement/philosophy is ‘design less, design better’. Hmm.

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Flavio Melchiorre

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Italian illustrator Flavio Melchiorre creates densely-layered vector style work that he sometimes works into complex abstract patterns that fry your brain when you try to look at them.

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Nazario Graziano: Updates

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Italian Illustrator/designer and founder of RevolverLover and ANTI magazine, Nazario Graziano has been busy updating his portfolio with some of his signature retro-inspired collage work.

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