Zaha Hadid

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Legendary architect and designer Zaha Hadid who should need no introduction amongst the readers of this blog has launched an entirely new website with an extremely robust archive of an absolutely jaw-dropping body of work that few of us could ever even dream of achieving.

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Minimalist Effect in a Maximilist Market

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Design consultancy Antrepo recently experimented with a project that tested the effect of minimizing the graphics utilized on popular products in a market crowded with visual clutter. The end result is an interesting foray into reinterpreting popular products that maintain their brand essence while doing away with all of the unnecessary pomp that marketers feel they need for their item to stand out off the shelf. You can see the resultant product studies at Antrepo’s blog but also at their Flickr site as well.

On a personal sidenote, I’d eat the buttery, sugary chocolatey goodness that is Nutella out of a paint can with the word ‘Nutella’ written on the outside in Sharpie. Just sayin’.

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Daizi Zheng

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Chinese product designer Daizi Zheng created a range of healthy snacks packaged to look like drugs and junk food in order to encourage people to rethink their relationship between health and diet. The project features cigarette carrot sticks, blueberries in a pill blister pack and celery french fries. It’s a though provoking concept that deserves merit.

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Rahel Ritchie

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Graphic/Product Designer Rahel Ritchie has some nice work in his portfolio but a particular standout is a hoodie that features an inflatable hood to cushion your head like a pillow while you are on a plane or traveling in a bus. What a fantastically simple yet brilliant idea. I could really use one of those. I wonder if they have actually been produced and where you could buy one. I want one now.

Discovered via FFF.

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Visible Sound

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“The intention for this project was to make sound visible. As there is already a variety of ways in which sounds can be seen (equalizers, sub-titles, etc.), my aim was to produce a device where that representation of sound would be a physical one. I therefore used the sewing machine as the basis for the project as I feel it is synonymous with industry, and making physical products. Due to limitations in my computer programming skills this model of a stereo/sewing machine is a prototype of how I imagined the actual product would look.”

Via: Sounds Butter 

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Ideo Relaunch

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The worldwide design consultancy Ideo has relaunched their site which now features a multitude of amazing projects and examples of downright beautiful design.

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Seymourpowell Believes in Good Design

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Seymourpowell was founded in 1984 by Richard Seymour and Dick Powell. They are now a team of 65 strong in London. Companies seek out Seymourpowell from around the world to help them answer three basic questions: What should we do? Why do we do it? How do we do It? They provide the answers through; ethnographic user research, brand and design strategy, trends, innovation process, transportaion design, product design and development, packaging and interactive.

They are fueled by a passion for all things creative and an absolute commitment to the cause of creating better products. They believe design is about making things better. Better for people. Better for business and better for the world.

Now that is a philosophy I can get behind.

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