Man Tsun

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There is some great looking vector work in the Behance portfolio of Chinese designer/illustrator Man-Tsun. The above image would make for a desirable print in certain circles.

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I Love Dust: GE Future Folklore

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I Love Dust (still one of my all time favorite studios) was nice enough to email me some of their recent animation work for GE in Asia. The spots are anchored by the concept of Ancient myths colliding with the technology of today. The spots were directed by Golden Wolf and produced by ilovedust for GE China via TBWA SHanghai.

I was surprised to discover a lot of this work is being animated directly out of Photoshop which is something we’ll be looking into this year as a studio for sure.

Thanks for the email Ingi. I sure hope to visit you in the UK someday soon. Keep up the amazing work I Love Dust. You guys continue to inspire.

Client: GE China
Production co: ilovedust
Director: Golden Wolf
Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Ewen Stenhouse
Animation: Ed Barratt, Felix Massie, Roly Edwards
Effects Animation: Tim Whiting
Additional animation and Compositing: Bill Elliott, Ross MacDowell, Alex Fernandez
CG Modelling and Animation: Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington
Backgrounds: Ewen Stenhouse
Storyboards: Ken Cheung
Sound Design: Box of Toys

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Qian Yi

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Chinese illustrator Qian Yi is generating some downright beautiful digital and traditional paintings at a rate that belies a serious talent not just as a digital artist or illustrator but a contemporary one.

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Beautifully dark and amazingly dimensional (almost photographic) digital illustration work is pouring out into the Tumblr pages of the artist known as Xhxix.

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Victo Ngai

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Victo Ngai’s unique cultural heritage is alive and kicking in her illustrations. Her images are simple and accessible in subject but rich in color and movement. They retain a distinctly asian influence that references Japanese and Chinese ink prints. She spent some time on her bio, so as opposed to butchering it in my own words, you can read on below:

“Victo’s real name is Ngai Chuen Ching.

She was born and raised in Hong Kong.
She got her English name, Victoria, when she was in a British kindergarten as Ngai Chuen Ching was too hard to pronounce for the foreign teachers.
However, “Victoria” was too hard for her fellow Chinese classmates, so they started calling her Victo instead. Since “Ngai Chuen Ching” was only called/yelled by teachers or parents when Victo got into troubles, she decided she likes the name “Victo” better.

Victo has been wondering who she really is, where she really belongs to for all these time.

Victo’s cultural background is hard to nail down: she speaks Chinese(Both Cantonese and Mandarin), English and Japanese. She attended Christian schools, but is not Christian. She holds a British National (Overseas) passport but is not truly British. She is a Hong Kong citizen but does not have a Chinese ID card. Her parents live in Hong Kong; her grandparents are Chinese American living in the west coast of the States; and Victo went to Rhode Island School of Design on the east coast.”

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Daizi Zheng

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Chinese product designer Daizi Zheng created a range of healthy snacks packaged to look like drugs and junk food in order to encourage people to rethink their relationship between health and diet. The project features cigarette carrot sticks, blueberries in a pill blister pack and celery french fries. It’s a though provoking concept that deserves merit.

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Nivard Thoes

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Dutch graphic designer Nivard Thoes graduated in 2006 at the Royal Academy of Art, in the Netherlands, and was nominated for the ArtOlive/Young Talent Award and the Zuid-Hollandse VormgevingsPrijs. Since 2005 he has worked in collaboration with Guangzhou based Wang Xu and Associates Ltd. on a number of projects for high profile clients.

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Lock Sin

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Some nice vector-style (although probably hand drawn first) illustrations from Chinese illustrator Lock Sin.

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Chenman seamlessly combines 3d rendering with photography to create some beautiful images. She originally made a name for herself doing covers for the Chinese magazine ‘Vision’ and has since continued on to create work for Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Esquire Magazine. She does all of her post-production work herself. Amazing.

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A bizarre but fascinating blend of eroticism and war in the paintings of Hu Ming.

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Liu Bolin

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Strange but utterly fascinating art from Liu Bolin.

Here is a bit of his explanation for the work:

” Are human beings animals?
Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the color of the surroundings for self-protection. Rattlesnake can bury most of the body in sand soil. This can not only protect itself but also have a better access to food. There are also many animals, such as gecko, beetle etc., which have learnt to deal with the environment and the enemy in the longtime fight of life and death. In order to survive, good concealment has become the most critical factor.”

Read the rest and see more amazing images of his work here.

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