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Andrei Ograda is a freelance graphic artist/designer from Bucharest, Romania who is currently “trapped” in Spain where he claims it has become near impossible to find work. He’s ready to travel and open to work anywhere in Europe or maybe even the U.S. He’s got some very unique work in his portfolio which is why I am mentioning it here. So hook the guy up already.


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Andrei Robu: Updates

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Andrei Robu is the Design Director and a Partner at Acme Industries, a design office located in Bucharest, Romania that pecializes in lettering and brand design. Andrei just updated his personal website with some excellent typographical and graphic design work.

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Stefan Lucut: Updates

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Romanian designer Stefan Lucut is someone I am always keeping an eye on. He’s always doing something completely different from whatever it is that he just did last. And that is a quality I admire very much, especially in an industry where people like to put designers and illustrators into clearly definable silos that they can call up whenever they are looking for a particular ‘style’. Stefan also helps run my favorite image blog ‘Baubauhaus‘ which is updated regularly with some fantastic design, illustration an typography examples. It’s a genuine source of inspiration that I check on a daily basis. Keep an eye on Stefan, there’s no telling what he will do next.

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Alex Beltechi

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Romanian designer/illustrator Alex Beltechi is doing some interesting dimensional type-as-image work. Yes, it is highly digital (and I know some folks don’t like that), but it is also expertly rendered.

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Pose Radu

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There are some surreal and imaginative digitally-manipulated photographs in the Behance-folio of Romanian designer/photographer Pose Radu.

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Stefan Lucut: Updates

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Romanian graphic designer, Stefan Lucut has updated his website and reloaded with some nice new work.

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Istvan Vasil

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Young, Romanian graphic designer/illustrator István Vasil emailed a link to his portfolio yesterday and there is some nicely executed work in his book.

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Bechira Sorin: Updates

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Some interesting new work in the portfolio of Romanian Designer Bechira Sorin.

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Bechira Sorin Flickr

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I stumbled across Bechira Sorin’s Flickr account and there is some really nice work inside.

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Carioca Studio

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Carioca Studio is a Photo production house based in Bucharest, Romania, specializing in Advertising photography. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that they have some just phenomenally striking images in their portfolio. Every single image is gorgeous. Brilliant work.

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Bechira Sorin

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I don’t particularly like everything in Romanian graphic/multimedia designer Bechira Sorin’s portfolio but there are some standout gems. Some of the typographical experimentation make it worth a browse. I am sure you have seen the one above before on FFFFound by now.

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Zero One Three A

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013A is the work of 24 year old Bucharest suburbanite, Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator Matei Apostolescu. His work seems to straddle that fine line between dense digital collage with an analog twist. Is that a contradiction in terms? Let me clear that up, it appears he draws several of his pieces and collages them digitally. His penchant for detail makes his work stand out however and his occasional use of vintage imagery blended into a modern digital vortex can be striking. Take for example the piece created for the Coke Side of Life above. There are murmurs of a Romanian new wave in film, but you can definitely see an influence emerging slowly in design as well.

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