G and V

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There is some really fantastic graphic design and typography in the portfolio of creative agency G&V. And I mean fantastic.

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Museum Studio

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I am not entirely sure how to describe the work of Museum Studio. It isn’t necessarily entirely new or different, but then again what the hell is. But that is actually what I really like about it. They sort of aggregate preexisting imagery and cultural symbols to imbibe their work with layers of meaning, and they manage to do all of that through really simple iconic collage-like layouts. The end result is kind of light and dreamy, provoking imagination and the recall of buried subconscious memories.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, I like, dig it man.

I want to go to Sweden so badly. From the design that is created there, it must just be a magical place. Someday.

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There is some really slick work in the portfolio of the Stockholm-based design firm 1-2-3. Prepare yourself for some double clicking.

Link via The Strange Attractor (the new site looks great guys).

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Johan Scott

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A large archival collection of Stockholm-based painter Johan Scott’s work has been put online for your viewing pleasure and artistic inspiration.

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I was really taken aback at just how much photography and how many different kinds of photographers could be found at LundLund. As opposed to rewriting it all myself, here is their profile from their site:

“Founded by sisters Britta and Karin Lund in 1994, LUNDLUND is the top photographers agency in Stockholm, Sweden.

Representing a number of Sweden’s most well-renowned and rewarded talents, LUNDLUND has successfully produced campaigns for a wide range of international brands.

Among our clients are Diesel Jeans, H&M,
J. Lindeberg, Acne Jeans, Volvo, Mercedes, Wella, Bergdorf and Goodman, Ikea and Nokia.

Editorial work is done for magazines such as Elle, Bon, Numero, Vogue, Flaunt, Another Magazine and Visionaire Magazine.

Apart from photographers, the company represents fashion stylists and set designers and co-operates with major Swedish and international advertising agencies on an ongoing basis.

LUNDLUND is located in the fashion and design area of Stockholm.”

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Interesting work at Stockholm-based RBG6.

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Karl Grandin

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Stockholm-based graphic designer/artist/illustrator/animator and all around creative Karl Grandin sent me an email today asking me to check out his work and I have to admit, it was an extra special treat. There are some real gems in his portfolio including work for the likes of clothing brand Cheap Monday and MTV. His lo-fi old school animations for MTV are awesome. They are weird as hell but in an entirely charming way and just about everyone made me laugh, especially the first one of the weird little guy singing on the side of a cliff. When his little scarf interrupts his gibberish singing, I don’t know what it is about it, but I just bust out laughing. It’s pure bizarro bliss.

Thanks for alerting me to your presence Karl. Much appreciated.

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