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Just something we stumbled upon and though was cool. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Californian photographer Kim Winderman sent in a link to her portfolio featuring some beautifully shot and composed textural images of different locales around California. There is a kind of ethereal status granted to nature in the images that perpetuates a state of trance-like contemplation. The people in some of Winderman’s photos are used more as emotive texturing to further dramatize the natural surroundings. The work is not dark but more rather dreamlike. Winderman is a talented artist and one to keep watch over.

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The Animal Print Shop

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The Animal Print Shop‘ is exactly as it sounds and it’s one of those rare simple and wonderful ideas that you wish you had thought of. It’s a series of photographic prints available in several sizes of quite possibly all of your favorite animals just hanging out and being the amazing creatures that they are. There is an enormous amount of personality on display and the raccoon prints in particular made me wish those little buggers didn’t claw around sometimes in my attic because they are absolutely adorable.

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Cody Cobb

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Photographer Cody Cobb has a way of capturing natural surroundings at their most sublime to such an extent that some of his imagery almost feels more ‘surreal’ than ‘real’.

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Chris Schreck

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Soft rainbow hues weave their way through natural dreamscapes in the Flickr-folio of photographer/artist Chris Schreck.

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Caitlin Hackettart

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I was quite taken by the dense, sometimes morbid and extremely detailed work by artist and illustrator Caitlin Hackettart. You can view her work at Carbonmade and Society 6. You can get a better insight into her work through her artist statement.

Artist statement:
“In my work I am exploring the relationship between humans and animals; the idea of the human denial of our animal nature and of humans as the dominant species, as well as the mutation of the animal created by the human interpretation of the animal. My work alludes to the boundaries that separate humanity from animals both physically and metaphysically, as well as the objectification of and personification of animals. I invent creatures, anthropomorphic, mutated, or pseudo mythical in imagery, using my imaginary world and bringing it into the physical world in an attempt to create a language that speaks about the human animal relationship and the natural and unnatural elements of it.

I am faced with the fact that we live in a planet in decline, where almost every natural ecosystem in the world is slipping away. Human kind has created a planet of refugees; animals forced to flee ever farther from the insatiable encroachment of urban development, victims of a war for space which they cannot hope to win. My drawings refer to this decline and to the refugees it has created. I am left with the question of what is natural; are we (human beings) still a part of nature? If so, does that make all that we have created, cities, vehicles, factories, all technology, part of nature as well?

As we move into an increasingly plastic, electronic, and robotic culture how can we define our own fundamental nature as the nature of the world around us changes and our metaphysical identity evolves into something beyond the human as an animal? As we separate from our animal nature, will we be able to still see and understand the importance of other animals and our relationship to them? As we are able to remove ourselves from our own physical bodies and to come to experience life through the metaphysical, the digital, and the psychic, how will this distance from our own bodies and the physical experience of the world affect our relationship with nature and the way we see creatures who exist completely within their physical bodies and are defined by their physical needs?

As my work evolves I am beginning to think more and more about the way in which people bestow identity and how, deprived of identity, animals are reduced to a kind of living taxidermy subject to human apathy and mutated by human ideals of beauty or monstrosity. I am telling a story about disappearance and the rapid and extravagant destruction of the human-animal, and how this loss of our animal nature is affecting the way human kind views the animal world. I am describing these questions through the use of paper and ink in the form of life sized anthropomorphic creatures, which are installation pieces. Done entirely in ballpoint pen, ink, watercolor and colored pencil, these massive creatures are a balance between the power and physical presence of the life sized and the intensity of the dense, delicate, and time consuming detail of the ballpoint pen and ink. By installing these animals cut out on the walls they are released into our world and become characters that must be addressed in terms of our physical space, and must be granted an identity.”

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Simen Johan

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I am familiar with sculptor Simen Johan’s work but was a little shocked to find I had never posted anything about it. His work involves nature themes and is often hauntingly contemplative albeit slightly disturbing. He has recently updated his stunning body of work with images from a recent show that wrapped in October which makes it a good time refamiliarize yourself with his work. Too bad you will have to imagine it in person.

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Erika Somogyi

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Brooklyn-based (yes Brooklyn again) artist Erika Somogyi has managed to combine a sense of human spiritualism with references to nature. The end result of which are some stunning paintings with a bold use of color.

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Nicholas Hughes

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Nicholas Hughes captures moments in the world that most of us now take for granted and pass by without ever pausing to notice or care. His imagery draws out a deeply contemplative and meditative primordial state that most of us have completely lost touch with.

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Tree House Hotel

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Tree House

Did you hear the one about the invisible tree house hotel? An incredible concept by Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter that disrupts nature in the most minimal fashion possible. This tree house/hotel room is lined with mirrored glass and almost vanishes at a glance from the outside, while granting the guest a 360 degree view from the inside. Wow.

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Regino Gonzales

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Really beautiful paintings from artist Regino Gonzales. Seriously amazing work, the detail is incredible and each composition is unique and just flat out gorgeous.

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