Mikkel Sommer

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Mikkel Sommer has some fun gestural work for comics and illustration in his portfolio. It’s kind of wild and colorful but he’s got a great eye for situational comedy and drama.

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Andrew Archer: Updates

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Andrew Archer straddles the line between comic art and fine art but pulls it all off with a little digital panache. He’s posted several new works since I last dropped in on his portfolio and some of his more recent works are really stunning.

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LRNZ is the portfolio of a Rome-based graphic designer and illustrator who was formerly at partner at an Italian studio called Chimp Co that later changed it’s name to Studio Brutus. His portfolio is a wild and colorful affair filled with references to videogames, comics and manga.

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Joanna Krótka has filed her work under the domain ‘Purenonsens‘ which is an act of humility to be sure.

“An illustrator based in Poland, born in mid-80’s with imagination driven by psychedelic and morbid pictures as well as prog/space/psychedelic rock music. Bur most of all – huge geek with love for all things geeky.”

As humble as she’d like to be there is some definite illustration talent represented in her portfolio.

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The brilliantly named Fablog is the work of French artist and illustrator Fabien Mense. It encompasses his excellent illustration and concept work for comics and clients and it’s brimming with inspiration for those looking to dabble in illustration (like myself).

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Mr. Hipp

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Dan Hipp draws a lot and in doing so has managed to develop a style all his own. That style has landed on the pages of EAL SIMPLE, WIRED, DC Comics, Image Comics, Random House, and several other major publishers. It’s bright, it’s colorful and it’s a ton of fun often drawing on highly likable pop culture references. Oh and his portfolio is updated frequently.

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UK illustrator Boneface doesn’t have much to say about himself at his website but his violent, bloody superhero-obsessed work says more than enough about him and his talent.

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SIXMOREVODKA was founded by veteran cover and concept artist Marko Djurdjevic and serves as a Berlin based outsourcing partner for the entertainment industry with a focus on 2D artwork and art related services. Prepare for some phenomenal artwork.

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Deciet – Badman Silence

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This fantastic ongoing music video saga for producer ‘Deceit’ was created by scanning, art working then animating the pages of Mark Millar’s ‘Nemesis’ Comics. It’s a true example of what can be achieved by marrying paper to screen.

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Doing Fine

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Eleanor Davis must be an interesting character judging by her highly varied works ranging all over the map from what looks like vector, to drawing, to painting and even including comics and graphic novels for kids. Lots of talent.

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Douglas Bicicleta: Updates

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Illustrator Douglas Bicicleta has continued updating his Flickr-folio and I am becoming a downright fan of this guy. He is awesome. His work just keeps getting better and more exciting. Definitely keep an eye on him if you are into what he is putting out there.

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Matt Huynh

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Australian Illustrator Matt Huynh self-publishes his own comics. The 2009 Creative Sydney Festival named him one of the most innovative contributors to Sydney’s culture and he was awarded the inaugural Design NSW Travelling Scholarship to pursue a worldwide professional development trip to train and work in residence under his greatest influences and inspirations. He has also worked for several notable clients and agencies. He currently has a new series of prints and custom portfolios to be released late October that can be pre-ordered now.

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Raccoonnook has nothing to say for himself but rather prefers to let his work do the talking. His work mixes pop culture with a healthy dose of inspiration garnered from animation and comics. The old versus new tension happening through simple line art clashing with colors that only could be achieved digitally make for engaging imagery.

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Wesley Eggebrecht

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Wow, I stumbled up the Behance sketchbook of illustrator Wesley Eggebrecht and was very impressed. He has an amazing style and imagination. It made me excited to pick up the pencil and just go for it. You can see a few more examples of his work in the rest of his Behance folio and he also has a website, but to be perfectly honest the rawness of his sketches and his intuitive style was what I was most taken by.

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Zain 7

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I can’t really tell you much about Japanese illustrator Zain 7 except for that she is a she and she is Japanese. What I can tell you with certainty is that some of her work is mind-bendingly awesome. Pure pop art candy.

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“Graduating with a Bachelor of design from Swinburne University, Meggs has worked as both a commercial designer and image maker as well as continually evolving his skills in painting, illustration and screen printing to explore his own unique style of character work from both walls to canvas. Meggs’ artwork reflects his background in graffiti art, skateboarding, illustration and design.

Initially recognised for his stencils and aerosol art throughout the CBD and surrounding suburbs, Meggs has evolved his skills in painting, illustration and screen printing to explore his own unique style of character work from both wall to canvas. His work can be found predominantly around the streets of Melbourne, however has also travelled as far as London, Tokyo, Barcelona and Paris.

Meggs’ artwork reflects his background in graffiti art, illustration and design. The exploration of conscience, self-awareness, frustration and vulnerability are underlying themes throughout his work which challenge social ideals of morality and responsibility. Using references to his own childhood nostalgia and personal frustrations, Meggs juxtaposes pop-culture imagery and abstraction to create a collage of characters and an expression of emotion and movement.”

You can see more here.

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