Kris Merc

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I think I have maybe posted the work of Director Kris Merc before but alas, it’s definitely worth looking at again because he has some crazy jaw dropping imagery represented in his portfolio that definitely sets him apart from a lot of young commercial directors.

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Edouard Salier

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The amazingly talented artist/art director/director Edouard Salier has updated his website with all kinds of remarkable new work including personal doodles, photography, music videos, art installations, television commercials and short films. He is a truly gifted creator. His recent work for Massive Attack is fantastic (full credits available here).

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Noah Conopask

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Noah Conopask is currently a director in Shilo’s NY office and has worked for Digital Kitchen in the past. He has earned an Emmy nomination for past directorial work. Aside from being an accomplished commercial director he is also a photographer with an amazing eye for composition. In short, he is a multifaceted talent with an amazing portfolio of work.

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The Rifles – The Great Escape

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Another exceptional video for an equally exceptional song from Bob Harlow.

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James Sutton

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Bright glowing neon colors light up the portfolio of photographer, video director & digital retoucher James Sutton. Sutton had a very successful 2007 with a nomination for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. His videos have also recently graced the playlist of MTV. Does MTV still play music videos?

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Tab Brown

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Interesting projects for a variety of mediums showcasing a really wide breadth of talent from young Tab Brown. Keep your eye on him. I don’t even know what to file him under.

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Mato Atom

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Mato Atom is a director, a designer and well…whatever (that is what the website reads anyway). I have posted Atom’s work before on my last blog and could have sworn I had posted it again sometime this year, but it really doesn’t matter. The work is so good that it deserves another mention. Look and be inspired.

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