Kerstin zu Pan

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Art and photography merge synonymously in a sometimes bloody-sexy mess under the hand and attentive eye of Kerstin zu Pan. One part arousal shaken not stirred with two parts disturbed.

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Lars Botten

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Lars Botten is primarily, well he is a fashion photographer but he is more dimensional than that. Not only does he have an amazing eye for his beautiful subjects, that eye occasionally wanders and captures the surrounding environment with just as much artistic care and consideration.

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Eliot Lee Hazel

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Photographer Eliot Lee Hazel has a beautiful eye for composition and drama. Each image is tailored for scene and mood. He is a storyteller and every picture feels as though it has been lifted from a larger narrative and you are peeking in on a random moment. It leaves you curious for more and in my opinion is the mark of a talented photographer.

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“After being a foreigner in different countries, mainly Montreal and The Nederlands, Frédérique Daubal is now biking in Paris. Coming from a graphic design background, she works as a freelance creative for small and big clients worlwide. she also experiments with textile as a 3 dimensional medium, or creates products under her name, without following any trends but using lots of second hand pieces since the beginning in 2001. Personnal art work or collaborations with people and magazines mostly for experimental ideas, installation or exhibitions.”

I can’t really take a stab at describing Frédérique Daubal’s work and that’s why I just pasted in some of the about copy from her site. All I can say is that it is unusual and very intriguing. I am not entirely sure what to file it under and I like that.

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Coco: Updates

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French fashionista illustrator Coco has updated her website with more glamorous examples of her unique style. Coco has been at it for a while and has continued to stay at the top of her game with a hand-crafted fashion first positioning that is now often imitated.

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Richard Kilroy

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Liverpool-born illustrator Richard Kilroy draws heavily upon the works of fashion photographers Herb Ritts, David Sims, Jean Paul Goude, Vincent Peters and Mert & Marcus, to illustrators George Stavrinos, Julie Verheoven, Richard Gray and Alphonse Mucha. His drawings mish-mash fashion with abstract art to create something that falls somewhere between the two. This now past summer Kilroy took the role of acting editor launching DECOY: Visual Distraction, a newspaper based primarily on fashion illustration and related areas of interest. He also became commissioning editor of Ponystep.

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Alva: Updates

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Lisbon based design studio Alva has kept up pretty well on posting new work to their website but lately there has been some newer work added to their Flickr-folio. There latest work carries an international sense for fashion as their aesthetic sophistication level continues to rise throughout their portfolio.

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Herring and Herring

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Herring and Herring is a collaboration between photographers Dimitri Scheblanov and Jesper Carlsen. The partnership has yielded some stunning fashion imagery.

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Trinitas is a clothing label that was founded in 2009 by german based design and art collective Nous Sommes Des Soleils. The idea behind the label and why we started it was that we wanted to create something that wasn‘t just a t-shirt, but something of that the future owner would know that it was something unique and special.”

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Rachel de Joode

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Artist, photographer and sculptor Rachel de Joode’s work is a mishmash of several elements. It’s hard to forecast what she might do next and she seems able to move rather fluidly between the worlds of contemporary art, artistic photography, performance art and fashion. It makes her an interesting personality and someone to keep tabs on as there is no telling what she might be up to now.

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According to the about section at Kharma, they seem to like and be interested in a lot of the things we are. On top of being design geeks, they also like to do good and have the chops to pull together an impressive cast of designers, illustrators and artists to produce some excellent t-shirts. It gets even better though because a significant portion of every purchase goes directly to charity. So you get to support your favorite designer while giving to charity. That’s a pretty good deal.

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Claudio Kirac

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Claudio Kirac is a ‘modern day renaissance man’ having worked professional artist, photographer, designer and consultant working primarily within the fashion and music industries. He truly is what he proclaims to be with an impressive body of work spanning across all the aforementioned disciplines. He’s a genuine talent.

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Mister Mista

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Mister Mista is a super fun clothing label producing some very well designed tee shirts for your little guys and gals. If your aesthetic leans toward the design side, your babies would look cute in these duds.

By the way, just sneaking this in here, my wife is officially pregnant and I am going to be a Papa in February of next year. So I am busting it hard right now trying to make the studio work so I can take care of my baby. But I am pretty excited to be a Dad especially with a wife that I love more than anything else in the entire world.

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T-Post is the world’s first wearable magazine. It’s an interesting idea and there are some excellent shirts as a result available at the T-Post website. Each shirt is created by a different artist around a unique and timely topic. But I will let the video explain the rest.

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Milk & Eggs Co.

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Burbank, California-based tee shirt shop Milk & Eggs Co. have got fun and quirky dialed when it comes to their gear. It’s clean, simple, graphic, fun and maybe even a little clever. The combination of all of the above make for some excellent expertly-designed wares. I’m gonna party likes it’s 2012 since that’s the year the world explodes or something like that right?

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Studio Grima

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Brazilian design and photography studio Grima has a small but interesting body of work. There is not a lot in their book but what is there shows that they have a wide range of capabilities and take a unique approach to each project.

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Flox – The Words

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French photographer/director Frederic Sofiyana sent in this excellent video for the Flox single ‘The Words’.

Jean Christophe Storck, Céline Olaso, Jérôme Sullerot, Tania Gandré, Delphine Armand, Nathaly Postel, Maxime Perron, Radio Nova. Lucy et Marylou.

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Photographer and designer Elise has some gorgeous work in her portfolio for some very large brands. Her photography work is stunning and it’s amazing that she can keep her design at the same level. A true talent.

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