Marco Wagner

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‘Dark and beautiful’ are words that surface in the mind to describe the illustrative works of German artist Marco Wagner.

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Julian Zimmermann

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German graphic designer Julian Zimmermann is keeping print sexy with a long scroll of letterpress, foil and intricately arranged typography. If you are yearning for something tangible in a digital world Zimmermann is holding it down.

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Crispy Crystal

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German designer and illustrator Christoph Ruprecht is making some extremely strange things and they seem to be spilling out of him at high velocity. The long scrolls in his Behance-folio yield an onslaught of mind melting color, psychedelic landscapes and trippy typography.

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Alexander Binder

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Alexander Binder was born on Halloween night 1976 in the Black Forest/Germany. He is a self-taught photographer with a strong passion for the spiritual and the occult.
His works have been shown at festivals like Les Rencontres d’Arles or PhotoIreland and they have been published in Vice, Kinki, Juke, FutureClaw and many more.”

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Yury Ustsinau: Updates

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Illustrator Yury Ustsinau has updated with a new vectorliscious set of dark yet somehow bubbly, dimensional and animated characters that are extremely fun to look at. Yury currently resides in Frankfurt, Germany where he works as a commercial freelance illustrator and designer.

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Sebastian Onufszak: Update

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German-Polish designer Sebastian Onufszak has updated with a new site and several new visceral, digital, slick, cool, glowing and kinetic collage illustrations.

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German design studio Aim is putting out some interesting work including some digital collages that should inspire an exprimental Photoshop exploration or two.

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Trinitas is a clothing label that was founded in 2009 by german based design and art collective Nous Sommes Des Soleils. The idea behind the label and why we started it was that we wanted to create something that wasn‘t just a t-shirt, but something of that the future owner would know that it was something unique and special.”

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German street artist QBRK is part of the TPL Crew and has taken his work from both the street to the gallery and back again. He has a colorful and artistic style and it makes for an interesting display in the carefully selected places he chooses to paint.

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German design studio Visualism has a small but very considered body of work. There are all kinds of fun, clean and beautiful things happening within their portfolio and I would definitely keep a keen eye on what new projects they add in the coming months. It might be a short list of projects as of now but it’s mighty.

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Keller Maurer Design

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Keller Maurer Design is a graphic design consultancy based in Munich founded in 2002 by Martina Keller and Marcus Maurer. KMD has some cracking print work in their portfolio and they take a classic squeaky clean approach to layout.

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German graffiti artist, illustrator and graphic designer Dxxxtr has some mad skills under his belt. You can see some of this work that seamlessly moves from street walls to computer screens in his Flickr-folio.

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The graphic design studio Cyan was established in 1992 by daniela haufe and detlef fiedler in berlin. They have a large modernist body of work with a heavy emphasis on typography. There is an impressive cache of posters in their portfolio and you can kill some time looking through the large images of their work.

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Matthias Heiderich

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I am sure you have seen these photographs of Berlin by German photographer Matthias Heiderich before. I actually confused them with some of the photos of ISO50’s Scott Hansen. The photos themselves are just beautiful with both the use of color and refined composition. You can see more in Heiderich’s Behance-folio.

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C100 Purple Haze: Updates

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Munich based multidisciplinary design consultancy C100 Purple Haze was founded by Christian Hundertmark (C100) and Clemens Baldermann (Purple Haze). The studio just updated with a new site and several new and exciting projects. They have an impressive roster of clients now and the work just keeps getting better.

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Brigitte Heinsch

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Soft subtle, hues, scenes and tones blend in the dream sequence images gathered up by photographer Brigitte Heinsch.

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Falko Ohlmer: Updates

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It’s been a very very long time since I’ve mentioned the work of German designer Falko Ohlmer and he has since updated his portfolio with a lot of really fun and downright good looking work. Talk about fun, how fun would it be to create a design to be printed on a kiteboard?

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Sebastian Onufszak

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German designer/motion designer and illustrator extraordinaire Sebastian Onufszak has updated his portfolio once again with some visually stunning new work in all the aforementioned categories. He continues to evolve and stretch his style, approach and capabilities.

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