Stefan Glerum

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Strange, iconic and surreal illustration work from Stefan Glerum.

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Jon Estwards

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I am not sure if it’s Jon Estwards or if this photographer’s real name is Jon Edwards which perhaps he might want to alter for obvious reasons but regardless, his work speaks for itself. It’s dark, grainy and sometimes disturbing but it’s also artistic, surreal and beautiful in it’s own way. There is a healthy portfolio of images in his Flickr pages and some of them you have to look twice at before you realize exactly what it is you are seeing.

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Eric Yahnker: Updates

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Artist Eric Yahnker has updated with some new and oh-so-very strange psychedelic charcoal drawings. I just kind of got caught up in staring at the above image just trying to decipher what I was seeing in my mind. Yahnker possesses a not only an impressive talent but a truly unique imagination.

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Paul Herbst

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Paul Herbst captures strange and fantastic photographs.

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Gary Land Photography

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More bright, vivid surreal photography from Gary Land. Found via a user-submitted comment.

Thank you for the tip.

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