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Bayo’s work depicts cheerless and melancholic worlds, where the main character is the psyque, as an epicenter of implosion and confrontation among the diverse layers of the subconscious level. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes epic, sometimes psychotic, his draw denotes such a trajectory where we are constantly infected with the deepest anxiety. His characters tend to avoid frontal sight, just like whoever notices contact as a mere exposition of his/her own fragility. Just as much as the arbitrariness of his forms allow us to see that he pays no devotion to the statutes of reason. His pieces travel throughout the harshness of obsessive details, the vagueness of repetition, and the sudden outbreak of movement. All of this in order to express the architecture of his emotions, with such a complexity that can’t be put as subtle.”  -Evan Rodd

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Aron Wiesenfeld

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Wow, what exactly to say about the sublime work of artist Aron Wiesenfeld other than his skills are off the charts. His work is an open invitation to the viewer to insert their own narrative as to what exactly is happening within his drawings and paintings. His charcoal drawings are absolutely fantastic.

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Eric Yahnker: Updates

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Artist Eric Yahnker has updated with some new and oh-so-very strange psychedelic charcoal drawings. I just kind of got caught up in staring at the above image just trying to decipher what I was seeing in my mind. Yahnker possesses a not only an impressive talent but a truly unique imagination.

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Dirk Dzimirsky

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Artist Dirk Dzimirsky draws his work at a large scale using colored pencils, pastels, charcoal and whatever works to achieve an nearly impossible amount of detail. The images appear almost photographic and I would speculate in order to really appreciate the absolute commitment to craft you would need to stand before one of the works in person and lean in to see just how difficult it was to create it. Truly amazing.

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Sam Wolfe Connelly

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Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Sam Wolfe Connelly is creating some very nice illustration work combining original charcoal drawings with a digital finish.

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Sverre Malling

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Oslo-based, artist and illustrator Sverre Malling has the amazing ability to render some truly remarkable images with nothing other than charcoal. The resulting images are symbolic, compelling and beautifully rendered.

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