Yanni Floros

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Yanni Floros is an Adelaide based artist that trained at the National Art School in Sydney and graduated as a sculpture major. Perhaps this helps to explain how he can literally sculpt his drawings created with the use of a charcoal pencil generating imagery that truly jumps right off of the page. Prepare yourself for some amazing talent.

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George Nova

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George Nova is a young Australian artist and designer with a skilled hand at producing graphite and watercolor illustrations. His imagery is clean, to the point and a helluva a lot of fun to look at.

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Mirari is a newly formed studio based in Sydney, Australia. They have some excellent work already under their belts including the above titled ‘Shift’. Keep an eye on these chaps as they are poised for the kill. Full credits for the Shift project here including music by David Kamp.

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Nina Maskiell

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Australian artist/illustrator Nina Maskiell has created some intricate organic vegitation-inspired black and white renderings that would not be easy to produce. So far there are only a few images in her portfolio but it’s probably not a stretch to say that she is just getting started.

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Mark Gowing

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Australian designer Mark Gowing is churning out some clean contemporary design work out of his base in Sydney. He’s keeping things minimal but doing it right.

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Dave The Designer

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Dave Foster works at Saatchi Design in Sydney where he helps his clients communicate effectively with their audience by day and draws letters and type. He’s saving his pennies and hopes to one day attend Den Haag in The Netherlands to complete the Masters Degree in Typeface Design at KABK.

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Matt Huynh

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Australian Illustrator Matt Huynh self-publishes his own comics. The 2009 Creative Sydney Festival named him one of the most innovative contributors to Sydney’s culture and he was awarded the inaugural Design NSW Travelling Scholarship to pursue a worldwide professional development trip to train and work in residence under his greatest influences and inspirations. He has also worked for several notable clients and agencies. He currently has a new series of prints and custom portfolios to be released late October that can be pre-ordered now.

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PDC Creative

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Sydney based creative agency PDC Creative has some simply beautiful print and packaging work in their portfolio. They are equally skilled at presenting this work as well with closeup sexy graphic design print-porn photos that display a meticulous eye for detail..

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Toko: Updates

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I don’t know how long ago Sydney based design agency Toko updated their website and portfolio but it doesn’t really matter. New or not, it’s worth looking into to get a glimpse at some genuinely inspiring design work bridging the gap with design as an artform. There is some sincerely beautiful work in their portfolio, including some excellent typographical work and that’s about all I have to say about that.

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Numskull: Updates

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Australian graffiti artist Numskull has continued updating his site with more examples of his sarcastic pop culture clash artwork that mixes typography, comic and cartoon imagery we all love and fear. If you are unfamiliar with his work you can read an interview with him at Side Street Sydney that gets into his process and the psychology behind his imagery. You can also purchase posters of his Wooden Toy Publishing and Stupid Krap.

I am a big fan of his work. His use of typography is of particular interest to me but the mixing of ‘pop/comic type’ with comic book and cartoon figures is just brilliant.

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Like Minded Studio: Behance

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I stumbled upon Sydney based Like Minded Studio’s Behance portfolio today and it looks as though there might be a few bits of work there that I didn’t see at their website. Like Minded is headed by the exceptionally talented illustrative typographer Luca Ionescu whose work I have always admired.

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Rod Luff

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Sydney-based artist Rod Luff is responsible for some lovely drawings.

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This is Robbie

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Robbie Powell ecently graduated from Think College Of Design, Sydney, Australia. For having just graduated, he already has some brilliant typographical work in his portfolio.

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Toko: Updates

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Updates in the portfolio of Sydney’s own Toko. Toko is the bees knees.

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Hampus Jageland

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Hampus Jageland was born in 1985 in Sweden. He started taking his bachelor degree at Berghs School of Communication to continue on at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney. He is currently interning at The Creative Method.

Fantastic work for a student.

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Mitch Beige Brown

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About Beige:
“born in 1984, to a mother and a father, in sydney australia. still living and freelancing in sydney, providing creative solutions to inspirational / exciting people, and their projects. print design, creative direction, graphic art, illustration, & web design.”

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Dirty Lip Balm

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Ravi Vasavan on Ravis Vasavan: “I am nothing more than another ordinary young boy living in Sydney, Australia and working as an Art Director slash Designer by the day and a caped crusader by the night. With a strong penchant for pastel colours, as it can be seen in latest few web projects of mine.”

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Surry Hills, Sydney-based design agency, Toko have updated their site with some brilliant new work. They never disappoint.

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