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Chilean artist and illustrator Felipe Vargas Lübbert has been making the go rounds the internets and blogosphere with the above image. His colorful, airbrushed and slightly-retro-tinged illustration work is easy on the eyes and lots of fun to look at. It’s his more science fiction based work that I find most interesting.

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Jeanti is an illustrator living and working in Paris (how nice). There’s a kind of 80’s airbrushed kind of thing happing in Jeanti’s work that makes for an extra sugary bit of eye candy.

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Steven Siegel

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“Photography for me is much more than the act of “taking pictures.” I use photography as a way of literally opening my eyes to the surrounding world… and that particular perspective carries over to even when I’m not photographing…

So often we either live in the future or live in the past … that is to say, we’re either worrying about what comes next or we’re re-living trivial moments out of the past. Consequently, we’re blind to what’s happening around us!

The act of photographing forces you to live in the present and concentrate on “the here-and-now”… a very good thing in and of itself… Others achieve this through meditation and religion….Photography is a way of achieving this state of mind… and be creative at the same time… a great “two-fer”!

Flickr is an inspiration. It’s nice to see there are lots of other people like me out there.

My thoughts and commentary concerning some of my photos are included in the introductory section of my sets entitled, “New York Streetscapes,” “NY in the 80s,” “WTC” and “NJ Meadowlands”. Here are links to these sets:”





Wow, this guy is a lawyer. But he is also a damn fine photographer and that makes for an interesting blend.

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Brisseaux: Updates

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The illustrator known as ‘Brisseaux‘ has updated with some glowing hot Tron-inspired work that harkens back the 80s with a modern twist. It looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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Kittozutto: Updates

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Illustration studio Kittozutto has updated both their website and their portfolio since we last dropped in. They have cornered their own little niche of soft airbrushed 80’s influenced illustration using a palette of bright colors. They are also running a much more active Flickrstream where you can keep tabs on the progress of the production of their unique illustrations. If you’d like to learn a little more about how they produce their imagery you can pick up on a little tutorial at Digital Arts.

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Akutou Loves You

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Vector illustrator extraordinaire Akutou has updated with a new website featuring some 80’s, manga and movie inspired vector candy that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s the first website I can remember in years that starts with music that I didn’t immediately turn off. The soundtrack is as good as the website and work and you can see what you are listening to by clicking here.

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Chromeo – Night by Night

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Here is the new Chromeo video for their Green Label Sound single, “Night By Night.” You can download the track for free at GreenLabelSound.com. I gotta be perfectly honest, I love Chromeo and have since I first played them on my car stereo. You can’t miss when you put them on at a party.

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Turbo Fresh

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Ever wonder what happened to Turbo from way back in the 80’s?

Well he went out keepin’ it fresh if you know what I’m sayin’.

Aquafresh would be the smartest people in the entire world if they remade this commercial and resurrected Turbo. Just think about it.

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