Empty Frame

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It’s time to browse a unique online art exhibition titled “EMPTYMIXUPFRAME“. Emptyframe is a sales exhibition featuring some of the best Norwegian creatives. It’s also a great way to support some of your favorite Norwegian creatives.

Yokoland Grandpeople YourFriends Bendik Kaltenborn Børge Bredenbekk Kristian Hammerstad Esra Røise Oh Yeah Studio Robin Snasen Rengård Terje Tønnessen Hanne Berkaak Peter-John de Viliers Bureau Bruneau Uglylogo Daniel Brokstad Kristine Vintervold Eivind Vetlesen Camilla Hoholm Jonas Bødtker Ole Fredrik Hvidsten Mattis Folkestad Kim Erlandsen Rashid Akrim Stig Andersen Mustasj Tonje Thilesen Andreas Kleiberg Apparatet Sandra Blikås Magnus Holder Bjørk Jan Ove Iversen Live Schille Ståle Gerhardsen Aasmund Reitan Hegglid Jens K Styve Remi Juliebø Skurktur

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Heydays: Updates

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Oslo-based design firm Heydays has updated with what I believe to be a new website and lots of good looking new print and branding work. It’s a good week for graphic design apparently.

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Lasse Passage

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Lars Aandheim & Christoffer Lossius directed this music video for the Norwegian musician Lasse Passage which features the song on the A-side of their just released 7-inch titled “Say Say Say”.

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Grand People: Updates

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Grand People has brought a host of tasty new design work all the way from Norway for your inspirational enjoyment. The work is very well presented on their site as well.

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Kristian Hammerstad

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Illustrator Kristian Hammerstad has an old school pulp comic style combined with a skater punk zombie aesthetic tipped off with a good dose of humor. It’s an extremely likeable combination of elements that comes together so seamlessly that you almost forget the skill and craft required to generate such fun imagery.

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Grand People

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Norwegian visual communication studio Grand People have updated with some new and very eye-catching new design work. Their new site does an excellent job of proudly displaying their bold and colorful design work.

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Bleed: Updates

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Norwegian design firm Bleed has been busy and updated with several new projects. They continue to step up their game with a higher degree of sophistication in both their presentation and project work.

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Ole Thomas

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It is almost impossible to believe Norwegian photographer Ole Thomas is only 18 years old. He has an eye for imagery years beyond his age and captures provocative artistic imagery that a seasoned photographer would kill for. Keep your eye on this amazing talent.

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The MVM: Updates

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Norwegian design studio MVM has made some small updates to an already inspiring portfolio. The work is pure, simple, modern, contemporary and yet still retains a sense of classicism. Keep an eye on this studio.

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Fredrik Melby

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Oslo-based designer Fredrik Melby has some curious and beautiful images in his Behance-folio. If you can’t get enough there you an also view his work via his studio website at Anti-ink. Why the name ‘Anti-ink’? I don’t honestly know but I suspect it may be that Melby is proud to be a digital designer.

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Your Friends: Updates

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Oslo-based graphic design studio Your Friends has updated with a new website and several new projects in their immaculate portfolio.

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Heydays: Updates

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Oslo-based multidisciplinary design studio Heydays has been busy and updated with a slew of new print and branding work this week. All of which is meticulously photographed (a skill in and of itself) and looks stunning. Their bold simple use of color makes their work pop.

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Esra Roise

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Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise has a large portfolio of attractive pencil and watercolor illustrations that are influenced by fashion.

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Norwegian design studio Mission Design has a clean and considered body of work that serves up a nice little shot of inspiration.

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Sverre Malling

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Oslo-based, artist and illustrator Sverre Malling has the amazing ability to render some truly remarkable images with nothing other than charcoal. The resulting images are symbolic, compelling and beautifully rendered.

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Bleed Norway

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Bleed is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Oslo Norway. They have an interesting website and some equally intriguing work in their portfolio.

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Snasen has launched a new website with some really great work in their portfolio ranging across a wide array of styles.

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Kid Create

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Oslo-based designer/developer Daniel Butler has some fun work and play happening in his portfolio. Maybe it will inspire you to play to.

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