Studio Volk

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Studio Volk was established in 2003 by Enrico Bonafede. Volk is currently based in Rome where it produces projects for publishing, music, art and fashion. There are some nice examples of contemporary design, illustration and typography in the Volk portfolio.

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Mauro Perucchetti

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Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti is responsible for some of the most amazing, striking and provacative sculpture and object art that I have seen in some time. It’s a little bit of sex with a touch of violence mixed up with whole lotta pop. I think I like it.

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Happy Lovers Town: Updates

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Jonathan Calugi has updated with a new site and a lot of new work at Happy Lovers Town. His work is definitely progressing.

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The members of design collective/studio Happycentro include Federico Galvani, Giuliano Garonzi, Roberto Solieri, Giulio Grigollo, Andrea Manzati, and Federico Padovani. Their Behance-folio has an impressive scroll of inspirational examples of typography. Great work.

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Sunny Bunny

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There is what I could really only describe as a photo-journal in the Flickr pages of Sunny Bunny with the only exception being that each photo is stunning and amazingly composed.

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Venice, Italy-based design studio Iknoki was founded in 2007 by Francesco D’ Abbraccio, Francesco Greguol and Christian Jugovac. They have some interesting graphic design work happening in their portfolio including a really nice series of posters for Oragami, a series of events based in Treviso.

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Bomboland is the work of Italian illustrator Maurizio Santucci who has developed a very interesting dimensional style.

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Studio Blanco

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Studio Blanco has been around since 2004 and has provided art direction, design, moving image, web, event direction, alongside communication consultation since they opened their doors. Consequently they have a very clean and attractive body of design work propping up their efforts.

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Rubens Cantuni

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There is some nice work in the Behance-folio of Italian designer/illustrator Rubens Cantuni that takes you through the step-by-step process of building an illustration.

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ROJO Associate Director Fupete has a new website up with new works.

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Nazario Graziano Prints

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inPRNT now has some nice prints from Designer/Illustrator Nazario Graziano. There are some nice prints there coming in several sizes. Nazario also has updated his site with some nice work since the last I checked in on him.

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Dave Kinsey at Alice Gallery

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Dave Kinsey has put some photos up at Fecal Face of a show he did this summer in Italy and the paintings are just beautiful. His work has come so face and it is really stellar. I love his color palette and rendering style. His work just keeps getting better and it is a testament to the hard work he puts in. It makes me anxious to finally get into a house (which I am shopping for right now) so I have some space to start painting again.

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Riccardo Tagliabue

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There are some interesting things happening in the portfolio of 27 year old Italian graphic designer Riccardo Tagliabue.

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Made in Temp

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The work from the Italian design studio Temp has been making the blog rounds today, and for good reason, there is some great stuff in their book.

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“FullScream is the work of Ced Pakusevskij, Motion Artist based in Milan, Italy.
He is a winner of 3 Promax BDA World Gold Awards, and various others.
“I believe that design is, above all, a tool to communicate a concept. The style should be the appropriate grammar to deliver the message. That’s why I like to be involved in every part of a project, from concept and direction to illustration, compositing, and 3d.

Motion design is the most exciting way to do all my art at once.”
Besides being a Motion Artist he draws, does photography and composes music under the alias “SkengChan”.”

Striking, colorful, bold, frenetic and exiting work.

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NG Design

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Nazarlo Graziano is an Italian graphic designer/art director with some interesting work in his portfolio. I particularly like the typography in the poster depicted above. It is also displayed in it’s proper art-hipster, hand-held context.
He states that he likes print work, fine art, editorial graphics and clean, elegant and simple websites. He is available for commissions and collaborations. You can find him at all the places listed below:

email: me@ngdesign.it
his website: ngdesign.it
his playground: revolverlover.net
and myspace of course: hotellounge

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Micol Talso

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Milan-based Art Director Micol Talso not only has some great ad work in his book, he also has a great website within which to view it.

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