Evgeny Parfenov

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Russian illustrator Evgeny Parfenov is turning out some excellent, colorful and classic portraits for publications like Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Interview. His work is a lot of fun and is just the right mix of pop and art to lend itself towards a broad appeal which is no doubt why he is attracting the publications he’s illustrating for.

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Artem Gridin

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ussian graphic designer Artëm Gridin has portfolio of work that is raw, classic and contemporary all in equal measure. It’s a bit of a throwback but in all the right ways as the end result is timeless graphic design.

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Sicksystems: Faces & Laces

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Moscow-based artist Aske who calls himself Sicksystems recently decided to take his geometric, retro-sci-fi-twinged illustration style into the 3rd dimension for the Faces & Laces exhibit by building imagery out of cut pieces of wood that he then painted. The end result shares a surprisingly tight link with his traditional flat style.

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Masha Rumyantseva

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Russian illustrator collage artist Masha Rumyantseva has an interesting perspective primarily fueled by a bygone slightly naive era that seems slightly sad when put into the modern cynical techno-industrial societal complex.

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Take Care

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‘Take Care’ is the typographical and experimental illustration work of a Moscow based designer. There is some fun stuff happening in his Flickr pages including a lot of interesting experimental typography that is well worth checking out.

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Andrey Nepomnyaschev

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Russian broadcast and motion graphics designer Andrey Nepomnyaschev has recently relaunched his site and updated with new and slick project work.

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Ei Ka

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Russian illustrator Eika Dopludo has been busy since I last posted her work and has updated with some new and even trippier examples of hand drawn lettering. It’s psychedelic type as image and it’s a lot of fun to look at.

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SBSS which I think sometimes stands for ‘Space Based Space Surveillance’ is also the name of Russian graphic designer and illustrator Sergey Sbss. He takes a ‘geometric-pop’ approach to his work that results in some eye candy colorways.

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Ted Vasin: Updates

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Since I first wrote about Moscow native artist Ted Vasin last summer, he has since updated with a new site and some new work for 2009. His style continues to amaze with the strange weaving of the real and the surreal.

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Eika Dopludo

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Russian artist and illustrator Eika Dopludo has some nice pencil work in her Behance-folio but the standout is definitely this hand drawn alphabet. Each letterform is it’s own work of art and you can see all of them one-by-one here.

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Serge Zavyalov

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Moscow-based graphic and motion designer Serge Zavyalov has a lot of work on his website executed in various styles. His imagery often harbors the ready-to-burst kinetic energy that helps it translate directly into motion.

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There is some stunning examples of imaginative vector illustration in the portfolio of Moscow-based, Zutto.

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Varya Vedeneeva

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Russian photographer Varya Vedeneeva, takes some very candid shots primarily of people and manages to capture momentarily something very personal in her subjects.

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Ted Vasin

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Ted Vasin paints some highly unusual imagery that I wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret. Although I like all of it very much. Beautiful use of color.

Via Human Resources.

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