Rosario Florio

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Non-Swiss sounding named graphic designer Rosario Florio is actually very much Swiss especially in how he approaches his subtle and simple typographically-rooted layouts for his numerous print projects. Enjoy the long scroll.

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Clean, crip, cracking and ultimately Swiss work in the portfolio of studio NeoNeo who have managed to crank out some downright beautiful print work for some very large clientele.

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Demian Conrad: Updates

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The Demian Conrad Design studio is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and recently completed a large project for the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, referred to locally as ‘LUFF’. The project features some unusual posters that when seen through the proper glasses reveal some disturbing images. Demian’s been cranking out some excellent Swiss design work from day 1. Ahh to live and design in Switzerland.

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Silvia Mogni

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Photographer Silvia Mogni is originally from Italy but currently resides in Zürich, Switzerland where she works as an architect. She has a glorious eye for capturing landscapes, scenes and textures that seem as though they are small slices from bigger dreams. She shoots with a nikon f65, a holga 120cfn and a polaroid spirit 600 c. She prefers film.

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Joel Tettamanti

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Swiss photographer Joel Tettamanti captures a cold and stoic landscapes that have been brought to life by unusual communities thriving with color.

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Sea Creatures

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I am inspired today by this series of fashion photographs entitled ‘Sea Creatures‘ from the photography partnership of Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving.

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Sting One

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Alberto “Sting” Russo is a creative director and illustrator based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is also the founder of the Swiss design studio Areadesign. Sting One is his online portfolio of illustration and typographical works created for both personal projects and clients. There is some great work in his book.

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Design to Forget

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Swiss Graphic designer Ramon Lenherr has some excellent editorial print work in his Behance-folio. The use of black and white on the cover above is striking.

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Geneva-based multidisciplinary design studio League was established in 2007 by Aurélie Vogt, Tony Casimo and Alex Wall Dujet. There is some very swiss, clean and considered work in the portfolio of League much of which is very inspirational.

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Marc Bally

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Swiss graphic designer Marc Bally has stripped his print layouts down to their most basic elements utilizing solid colors, photographs and typography in their purest forms. The end result is no frills graphic design.

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Demian Conrad: Updates

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Swiss designer Demian Conrad just emailed about a recent project for an antique markets called Brocante. He created promotional imagery for the market by arranging unusual compositions with vintage objects.

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Happypets: Updates

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Swiss experimental design/illustration lab Happypets has been busy updating with all kinds of interesting creations, from tees, to posters, to tats.

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Gavillet & Rust

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Gilles Gavillet and David Rust have updated the Gavillet & Rust portfolio with some striking new Swiss-made Swiss-inspired work.

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Damien Conrad Design

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Damien Conrad Design is a creative studio based in Lausanne and Bellinzona. They got in touch to share their work yesterday and have some work that is definitely worth sharing.

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T. M. Schmid’s Swiss furniture studio Strala has created some stunningly beautiful sculptural pieces. The chair above is a true example of furniture as art.

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C2F is designers Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri who are based in beautiful Luzern, Switzerland. They have some unique and colorful typographic work in their collective portfolio.

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Emma Kunz

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Swiss artist Emma Kunz lived from 1892 to 1963. She was recognized as a healer and described herself as a researcher. However, she is now internationally recognized through her artwork. And you thought geometric-inspired artwork was so 2009.

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Schaffter Sahli

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Geneva, Switzerland-based design firm, Schaffter Sahli was founded in 2005 by Joanna Schaffter and Vincent Sahli. They have some really classic and clean work in their collective portfolio. Great use of type and color.

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