Till Wiedeck

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Graphic designer Till Wiedeck has recently updated with some exceptional new work including the fantastic album art for Troberg seen above.

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Axtorworld is the work and universe of a guy named Axtor (go figure) and it’s kind of a strange and sometimes scary place. It’s kind of fun in a trippy psychedelic way though just try to keep your sanity while browsing.

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Thomas Traum: Updates

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Thomas Traum has updated with some absolutely wild new work for multiple mediums that is bursting with dynamic imagery and color.

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ISO50 Store: Updates

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In case you missed it, ISO50 updated with some tasty new prints including some collaboration work with Seth Haley (Com Truise). Scott Hansen’s work continues to inspire.

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Ross Gunter

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Ross Gunter currently works as a designer for Popcorn in east London. He has amassed a simple but considered body of design work and will no doubt continue to do in the future.

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Marcus McCabe

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After studying in Dublin at the National College of Art & Design where he earned a degree in Visual Communication Marcus McCabe then moved to the UK and joined the award winning design studio Uniform where he worked on projects for several notable clients. He is now accepting freelance commissions with a very promising portfolio of work to support his efforts.

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Matthew Harlan

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Matthew Harlan is a Chicago based graphic design and illustrator with a relatively loose and printerly style often anchored by strong geometry. His work includes some excellent silksreened posters.

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I’ve really been enjoying going back through the work of Japanese design giant Tadanori Yokoo and I’m more and more inspired by how much it holds up after 60 years. It’s full of weird, political and often disturbing imagery that reminds you that the world has always been such.

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My Name is Wendy

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I kind a just gave up searching the entire blog anymore for reposts since it’s been tough since I started the studio and had a kid just to keep up on the blog so forgive me if this is a repost (because it looks familiar) but the work of French studio My Name is Wendy caught my eye again today. They’ve got some tasty gallery work that really mashes up a lot of different influences from both the design and illustration world and they are good at creating in both realms.

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Spin for Print Magazine

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Spin guest art directed a recent edition of Print Magazine and the end result are some seriously striking page layouts. It’s definitely something I intend to drop by the bookstore and pick up immediately for inspiration sake. Good call on the behalf of Print.

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Nick Thompson

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I am digging this series of skate decks for Future Past Skateboards by Australian designer and illustrator Nick Thompson. It’s a great mishmash of 50’s advertising and pop art stewed together. What better place than a skate deck for something like that?

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Duane Dalton

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Irish Graphic Design Duane Dalton has some excellent minimal posters in his portfolio including a series titled ‘Album Anatomy’ that includes some great work centered around a few of my personal favorite bands.

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Olly Moss: Captain America

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Designer/illustrator and rarely do the two meet so perfectly right down the middle, Olly Moss debuted images of his soon-to-be-released Captain America posters through Mondo. Apparently these may only be released at Comicon in San Diego which will no doubt cause a stir amongst die-hard Mondo fans (myself included). They depict imagery in keeping with 1940’s WWII propaganda since that is the period in which the new film is set. They simple but wonderfully designed posters.

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Borja Bonaque

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Spanish graphic designer Borja Bonaque has a considered portfolio of work including some excellent illustration work for the NY ad studio Animal Agency.

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Medusateam: Updates

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Spanish multidisciplinary design studio Medusateam have updated their already colorful and poppy portfolio with yet more colorful and poppy work. Yummy eye candy.

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Catherine Bourdon

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There is some very good looking branding work for print in the portfolio of Catherine Bourdon. It’s simple yet very tasty.

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Anarchy Alchemy

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“We are Franz Thues and Dirk König, two Art Directors based in Düsseldorf, Germany. We make pictures harnessing the magic of generative design. All of our illustrations are generated by programs we write for each specific illustration series, allowing us to create a potentially endless stream of pictures on the press of a button.”

Together they are Anarchy/Alchemy.

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Artiva Design: Updates

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I think I have posted Italian design studio Artiva’s work before but it appears they are making a splash again around the design blogosphere with their minimal and classic work produced primarily for editorial print and branding purposes.

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