Adam Fantome

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Adam Fantome draws things and makes those things into fancy prints. He has just updated with a new print of Lady Gaga and one of his last few prints has already sold out.

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The Animal Print Shop

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The Animal Print Shop‘ is exactly as it sounds and it’s one of those rare simple and wonderful ideas that you wish you had thought of. It’s a series of photographic prints available in several sizes of quite possibly all of your favorite animals just hanging out and being the amazing creatures that they are. There is an enormous amount of personality on display and the raccoon prints in particular made me wish those little buggers didn’t claw around sometimes in my attic because they are absolutely adorable.

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Tim Gough: Store

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Artist and illustrator Tim Gough has launched an online storefront and stocked it with both some beautiful prints and some excellent tee shirts.

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Scott Campbell: Updates

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New Orleans based designer Scott Campbell has recently been updating his growing cache of gig posters with some classic new additions. He takes a simple approach that makes for a rather timeless appeal.

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Dwell Artist Prints

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Dwell Magazine is now offering a series of limited edition prints from some notable artists, illustrators and designers. The list of names involved includes some of my personal favorites like Mario Hugo, Mike Perry and Steven Harrington

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Jasper Goodall Prints

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Artist and illustrator Jasper Goodall has started selling prints via his website and has a deal on the above set. The prints themselves are a little pricey but they are being released in very limited quantities and if you are a devout fan of his work, it might be a rare opportunity to hang some of his unique imagery in your living space or studio.

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Future Maps

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The Future Mapping Company is producing some very unusual maps that bridge the gap between functionality and decorative technical art that any good graphic design lover would appreciate. I am thinking about picking one up to put in our studio. They are very reasonably priced and each has an interesting feature making them unique works of graphic art.

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Another Example

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I am digging some of the prints available at Another Example produced by Former McFaul designer/illustrator Elliott Grubb. They are simple clean and interesting. Definitely look sharp on a wall. Nice to see the whole ‘holding up my poster to acknowledge it’s physicality’ trend is still hanging on for dear life.

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Keith Haring Blik

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Blik recently added an entire series of wall decals featuring the art of Keith Haring who was famous in the 80’s for his simple but provocative drawings that flooded the NY subway system. I have long been a fan and have a massive book of his work always handy on my coffee table. It’s extremely tempting to pick one of these up for the studio. Super cool, simple and direct imagery that would surely spark some conversation. RIP Keith.

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Wanderlust – Patrick Hruby

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Wanderlust has added some new prints created by Patrick Hruby. The print are now available in the Wanderlust online store.

“Californian based artist and illustrator Patrick Hruby joins the Wanderlust fold with two high impact graphical pieces. With 4 weekly appearances in the New York Sunday Times beginning this Sunday Patrick is fast becoming a highly sort after contemporary creative.”

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Moonassi artist statement:
“I draw something I’d like to draw and I can draw well. I draw people because that’s what I’d like to talk about. I prefer to draw in a small scale as I wish to capture my everyday thoughts and feelings during a limited time of the day. If I think I want to touch you my drawing reflects that thought. I draw an act that I’m upsetting you if
I think I want to distress you.

The reason why these ephemeral and scattered thoughts are so significant for me is that I can see myself as a tiny fraction like those thoughts, and also I’m the collection of those fractions. I’m the mundane being, a sort of dust everywhere. I’m anyone or anything in anywhere. I want to sweep and gather all those tiny little fractions on paper so as not to be scattered.”

The drawings of Moonassi are absolutely divine. I could only imagine how a large series of them would look hanging in a gallery. Beautifully contemplative work.

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Poketo: Updates

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Poketo was once a fun project in collaborating with artists and designers to produce wallets has evolved into a more robust fashion brand. They just relaunched a new website this week with some new and good looking goods in stock.

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House of Aroha

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House of Aroha is a retail store based in Napier, New Zealand showcasing design, art, music and what we love.” The love shows as they have some fine little finds available to add to your personal stash of art treasure.

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Rich Gemmell

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Rich Gemmell is a freelance illustrator who has been working solo for 2 years. It sounds as though things are going well so far as several of his prints are sold out and he is currently tied up with several projects.

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If you are looking for some affordable art to give as a gift over the Holidays, you can find all kind of art goodies at Poketo. They have really grown from their original ‘wallet’ days to include, apparel, prints, stationary, homeware, accessories and more. I recently received an email from them and decided to check out their storefront and spend a little time there and was really impressed by the wealth of what they now have to offer. It’s always a pleasure to discover another site or vendor that is trying to make art affordable for everyone.

The print above was created by the ‘Little Friends of Printmaking’ and is just one of several offered in the Poketo print store.

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Sanna Annukka: Updates

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Illustrator Sanna Annukka really caught on to something special when she started incorporating her work into wall prints and the first image at her new website (above) portrays this realization in stark beauty. She also has a new storefront added to her new site that offers up some beautiful (yet pricey) prints.

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Nazario Graziano: Updates

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Italian Illustrator/designer and founder of RevolverLover and ANTI magazine, Nazario Graziano has been busy updating his portfolio with some of his signature retro-inspired collage work.

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20×200 – Chad Hagen

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20×200 got in touch yesterday to let me know that they have added the work of Chad Hagen to their already impressive cache of prints. Chad’s make believe ‘nonsensical’ info graphics swept the art and design blogosphere some months back. Now you can hang one on your wall.

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