Zawada Prism Exhibition

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Australian artist Jonathan Zawada has updated his site with a new series of paintings for an exhibition at the Prism Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s a retro 70’s feeling collection of landscape imagery that was created through an extremely unique process described by Zawada himself below.

“An exhibition of large scale drawings and oil paintings at Prism Gallery, Los Angeles from December 16, 2010 – February 28, 2011. The landscape topographies were derived from graph data (displayed as printed mirrors on accompanying plinths), modeled in 3D and then oil paintings created from those 3D renders. For more information, visit the Prism website.”

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Jonathan Zawada: Updates

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Australian illustrator Jonathan Zawada is one of our favorites of this past year and he has just updated with a new site featuring the work that we have grown to love him for. He is at the top of his game and someone to keep a close eye on in 2011.

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Process Journal 3

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A cracking new issue of Process Journal has hit the stands and is now available. Process Journal Edition 3 features the work and insights of 2br, Bibliotheque, Fabio Ongarato Design, Studio Newwork, Andrew Zuckerman, MadeThought, Klim Type Foundry, StudioKanna, North, Stockholm Design Lab, Büro North, Felix Lobelius and Studio Makgill. As well as design responses from Tom Crabtree (Manual) and Warren Taylor (The Narrows). It’s a damn fine looking piece of graphic design in and of itself as well.

Size: 96pp 300mm x 218mm
Production Process: 4 Colour Process Plus PMS 032U
Cover: 2 PMS Cover with Deboss
Stock: Knight Cream 120GSM page and Knight Cream 350GSM Cover

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Coop: Updates

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Paul Marcus Fuog’s Australian design studio Coöp has updated with a new website and several new pieces in the studio portfolio. It’s a designalicious extravaganza that will get any hungry print designer salivating.

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Ryan Thomas Kenny

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There is a spiritual-side albeit a ‘hip’ spiritual-side to the imagery captured by Australian photographer Ryan Thomas Kenny. Something is lurking just beneath the surface of his photos that creates a tension between color, mood and subject.

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Australian design agency Cornwell has updated with several new branding projects that feature a clean use of typography. They even managed to make some of that typography out of living vegetation which isn’t something you see every day.

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Dimitri Kalagas

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Australian director, art director and designer Dimitri Kalagas has some sharp and trendy work in his portfolio. He’s got some nice music videos under his belt as well.

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Fabio Ongarato Design

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Australian graphic designer Fabio Ongarato has some cleanly executed work in his portfolio. He also has a lot to say about design as a discipline in his about section.

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Justin Maller: Updates

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Aussie digital illustrator extraordinaire Justin Maller has updated with some of his patent wild visuals that are always wonderful to look at. Someone needs to partner with him and put some of this work in motion.

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Jan Otto Schreiber

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Photographer Jan Otto Schreiber bought a ticket to travel on a cargo ship to Australia last year and embarked upon a two month odyssey before reaching shore. While on board he photo-documented to trip in a series he titled ‘Somewhere Between the Shores’. The result is some beautifully contemplative imagery that will definitely pull the Mark Twain heart strings in the under-traveled heart. I’d love to take a similar journey but alas between home, new business and baby-on-the-way I will have to photo journal an entirely different trip.

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Jack Vanzet

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Melbourne based designer/illustrator Jack Vanzet has some interesting work featuring an array of ability in his portfolio. I am particularly fond of the above print and would most definitely hang it were it in my possession.

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Process Journal 2

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The second issue of Process Journal is now available (and has been for a bit, I missed the email I originally got with the announcement) and features the work of Alt Group, It’s Nice That, Studio Round, Manual, Three60, Fançois Rappo, Greg White, Modern Publicity, Artiva Design, Andreas Pihlström, Frost* Design, Claudia Klat and Gavillet & Rust. As well as design responses from Samuel Moffat (Studio Paradise) and Kris Lane (Alt Group). It looks oh-so-nice.

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Toko: Updates

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I don’t know how long ago Sydney based design agency Toko updated their website and portfolio but it doesn’t really matter. New or not, it’s worth looking into to get a glimpse at some genuinely inspiring design work bridging the gap with design as an artform. There is some sincerely beautiful work in their portfolio, including some excellent typographical work and that’s about all I have to say about that.

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It’s been a very long time since my last post about Australian design agency War and they have recently updated with some stellar graphic design work. New additions to their portfolio include the beautiful packaging design for Construction Technologies Australia.

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Sam Chirnside

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21 year old Sam Chirnside is a 2nd year Visual Communication major at Monash University. He’s fond of spiritually-inspired collage that although skews a little trendy still manages to communicate in a simple and universal way. He just updated his portfolio as well.

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Craig Redman

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Craig Redman is an Australian born artist living and working in New York. He uses simple and concise forms to communicate and has worked with Rinzen where he had a chance to work with some amazing clients along with having 2 books published.

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Tim Richardson

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I am a little surprised I haven’t heard of Australian photographer Tim Richardson yet. He is currently based in New York and has worked for some huge clients. He has also recently published two books and his most recent film installation for the Sydney Dance Company is part of the Venice Dance Biennale in 2010. He is remarkably talented and his talent extends far beyond the medium of photography.

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Caitlin Worthington

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Australian photographer Caitlin Worthington is only 20 years old but has the eye of someone much much older. She has some exceptional portrait work in her portfolio and looks as though she is ready to make a break in the fashion world as well.

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