Matthew James Taylor

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Brighton-based illustrator Matthew James Taylor has a way with negative space and minimal vector art. The two combine to generate some memorable imagery that although may be designed with simplicity in mind leaves a complex and emotive impression on the viewer.

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Red Design: Updates

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Brighton based studio Red Design has updated with several new projects ranging across a diversified style anchored by a classic modernist approach.

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Steven Wilson: New Website

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One of my most favorite British Illustrators Steven Wilson updated some time ago with a new website. It’s much easier to navigate his extensive portfolio now and the images are also much larger than they were on his last website. So you can get a good look at all of the melting, colorful and downright popoliscious work spilling from the mind and hand of Wilson. I absolutely love his work. It shoots an arrow straight into my pop art heart.

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Dan Mountford

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Dan Mountford is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator and a student at Brighton University. His experimental photo collages have attracted a little buzz this past week because they are a lot of fun to look at.

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Andy Smith Illustration

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Andy Smith kind of says what he has to say about himself much better than I could. And he also recently put up a new site with several new examples of his often hand rendered typography. So I will let him speak for himself:

“Andy Smith studied illustration at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art, London. Graduating in 1998 he quickly established a client list of advertising, publishing and editorial clients including Orange, Mercedes, McDonalds, The Guardian, Expedia, Sony, Vodafone, Random House and Penguin Books, directing Run London a commercial for Nike in 2000. His work combines illustration and typography to create images that have humour, energy and optimism and all are executed with a handmade, hand-printed, tactile feel. Quirky characters find themselves in absurd situations, often with a large piece of lettering nearby. When not producing commercial work for clients Andy can be found in the studio screen printing books and posters about Fatty, the Target People and the Hot Dog. He has exhibited in the UK, USA, France and Australia. He lives and works by the sea in Hastings, East Sussex. His favourite colour is blue.”

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The Brighton Freak Show

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The people behind The Brighton Freak Show followed up informing us they had posted a video about the show detailing their efforts and explaining why they wanted to host the exhibition. They also sent a link to a Flickr page where you can see some images of both the work, the process and the end result. It was nice to see such comprehensive coverage of the event. I just wish we could have been there.

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The Brighton Freak Show

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The Brighton Freak Show features the work of some of the South Coast’s most unique image makers and is a part of the Brighton Open House Festival. Exhibitors include Shan Jiang, Mega Munden, Luke Insect, Hello Marine, Imakethings and Steve Wilson amongst several others. The show opens April 30th from 7-9 PM and will run the length of the festival in May. The show takes place at St. Peter’s Church, York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU United Kingdom.

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Studio Makgill: Updates

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Hamish Makgill has updated his Brighton based studio’s website at Studio Makgill with some haute new work that has been burning up the creative blog-wire all day today. There is some beautiful work for print happening throughout the updated Makgill portfolio.

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Matt Taylor

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Brighton-based illustrator, Matt Taylor has some fun and colorful work in his portfolio.

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Chris Pell

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Chris Pell is a 21 year old recent graduate of Brighton University. He is currently available for commissions and has a very unique and diverse portfolio ranging from animation, photography to illustration. There is some interesting religious intonations in his work that definitely peak the curiosity as to their meaning.

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Nick Blakeman

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You really have to appreciate the eye for spotting just the right retro/vintage imagery to create these undeniably cool photo-collage mashups. You can see the entire set in the Flickr-folio of Nick Blakeman (who really needs to make some prints of these by the way).

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Richard Carey recently graduated from Brighton and already has some stunning work in his portfolio. It’s nice to see him redesigning/inventing projects like vinyl album packaging for his favorite bands in order to fill his book with timely and relevant graphic design. Very smart.

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Ruth Ishbel Munro

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Really fantastic, simple and original illustration work from Ruth Ishbel Munro. I really dig her style.

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Florian Bayer

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I am loving the illustration work of Brighton-based Florian Bayer.

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Sanna Annukka

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The lovely and extremely talented Sanna Annukka has been hard at work even getting herself featured in Vogue. She has updated her site lately with new work and she has opened an online store where you can now purchase screenprints and lithographs of her work.

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