Blind Salida

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French designer, illustrator and typographer Blind Salida has posted some new work to his website including some great examples of isometric 3d and illustrated typography.

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Studio Blup: Updates

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Last but not least on this fine Friday is the updated websites and works of Studio Blup in London. There are some excellent new projects in the updated portfolio.

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The MVM: Updates

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Magnus Voll Mathiassen AKA MVM sent a note about a site update that features some new, colorful and inspiring work.

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Toko: Updates

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Been a long long long time since I dropped in on the Rotterdam-based design agency Toko and boy am I glad I just did. They have a wealth of new project work on display since my last visit and every bit of it is inspiring to say the least.

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Stranger & Stranger Bottle Sleeves

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Design studio Stranger and Stranger worked with winemaker Truett Hurst and Safeway to enhance the packaging of wine bottlees for special occasions. I’ve been scouring the internet for wine and liquor packaging ideas and found these particularly inspirational.

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Erwin Kho: Zerbamine

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Rotterdam based designer and illustrator Erwin Kho AKA Zerbamine takes a unique approach to his work with a quirky and colorful dimensional perspective. You can see more in his Behance portfolio.

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Benjamin Escobar

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There’s some fun stuff in the portfolio of designer and illustrator Benjamin Escobar who works for the lifestyle brand The Hundreds. His sharp sense of humor is on full display.

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Vasava: Nike Basketball

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This is actually an older project by one of my most favorite Spanish design and illustration studios for Nike basketball. I stumbled upon the project in Vasava’s portfolio a week back while digging for inspiration and though there were some fantastic images generated for the project.

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Gary Swindell: Updates

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It’s been a long time since I dropped in on the portfolio of brand designer Gary Swindell. He’s kept busy and continued to build a portfolio of work that would make any graphic designer salivate. The work is rich, classic, bold and beautiful.

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I Love Dust Yet Again

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I love Dust was recently in touch to let me know that they updated their portfolio in a big way with a wealth of new design, illustration and animation work. They continue to inspire and know that my love for them guarantees a post. Oh how I wish I was across the pond so I could knock on their door and try to see if they’d take in a wayward designer/illustrator like me.

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Telegramme Studio

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There is some lovely print and poster work in the portfolio of UK studio Telegramme. If you are a gig poster aficionado there is a healthy dose of inspiration on display.

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Matt Chase

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Matt Chase is a designer & illustrator living and working in Washington, DC. He seems to have a bit of a penchant for the past as his work skews a touch retro but in a good way.

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1987 Creative Pieces

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Patrice Olivier Acardy aka HEYPE has a diverse body of work. It’s a lot to take in but showcases a truly multi-faceted talent. Keep an eye out for the super thin black scroll bar at the edge of your browser.

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Alex Trochut

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Yes Alex Trochut is still out there cranking things out. He’s put some new work up on his site since I last checked in probably over a year ago now. He still has an amazing portfolio to check out and the quality remains high. Hopefully he’s still doing well in Barcelona. I know things have been rough economically in Spain this past year.

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Ruslan Khasanov

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Ruslan Khasanov is an interesting young designer who tailors and calls upon a rounded set of skills to accomplish each project. The notable thing is that those skills are employed very deliberately to bring about a unique solution which I would imagine makes him popular with his clients.

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Soup Graphix

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Their name sounds very familiar and I may have posted about them long ago or it could be that since I do a lot of apparel work that we overlapped somewhere at some point but regardless of any of that Soup Graphix has recently posted some great illustration work for Nike. It’s lots of fun to look at and might even take you back down memory lane just a bit.

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Rumin Sessions

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I am not entirely sure who this person is but they sent me an email about their experimental work on the Tumblr blog under the name Ruminsessions. Apparently this is personal and experimental work but there is some tasty eye candy ready to be gobbled up.

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Pablo Abad: Updates

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Pablo Abad has kind of cornered the market in the sacred geometry, mystic low brow hipster design aesthetic category but has done it in a way that still makes it seem totally original and personal. I think he’s been working in this style for a while now but it has definitely been copied by numerous other designers. He has been updating his portfolio lately and it’s great work all the same.

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