Unit Editions: Herb Lubalin

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I am a devotee of Herb Lubalin and have lauded over his work most of my career. He was a rarity in graphic design as someone who was capable of bringing something ‘illustrative’ to his work and typography that was equally graphic. It was a perfect marriage of human touch and technical precision that still rivals anything being created in the world of graphic design today. His work was also somehow simultaneously 60’s but completely timeless in style.

Unit Editions is releasing a heavily researched and beautiful looking book that you can pre-order all about the life and work of the inspirational figure that was Herb Lubalin. It’s a must have for anyone in the field.

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We Three Club

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We Three Club is the work of Alex and Chris White both educated in the UK with degrees in Fashion and Fine Art respectively. The have a fully loaded arsenal of classic poster work in their portfolio. It’s all oozing a sharp personality that draws influence from psychedelic poster art past, 80s skate graphics and Chicano Folk art with just the right amount of fashion sense.

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Rick Berkelman has a ‘not too in your face’ style as he describes it that combines elements of hand rendered typography, patterns and characters that are finished with a printerly touch that sometimes leans towards the ‘vintage appeal’.

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IMP Awards

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The IMP Awards has amassed an impressive collection of movie posters and yes there is a lot of Photoshop going on (bring back illustration!) but there is also a wealth of inspirational work on display that finds and walks that rare bridge between art, commerce, design and popular culture.

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Borja Bonaque

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Graphic Designer and Illustrator Borja Bonaque works from beautiful Valencia, Spain. His work is inspired by pure lines and geometric shapes. He has produced artwork for companies such us Elwood, Financial Times,Wallpaper, Zoo York, New Scientist, Rioja Wines, Bancaja, House & Garden or Wired Magazine. His work has been published in Germany, United States, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore.

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Andrei D. Robu: Updates

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Our friend Andrei D. Robu has updated with several new projects lately including work produced for Brand Jordan, The Golden Globes and Bloomberg. Not too shabby at all. And of course he is still cranking out some excellent typographical work.

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Japanese studio Groovisions have put their stamp on numerous projects over their years and have worked with several clients large and small. They have a highly varied and interesting body of work as a result and they have likely slipped your eye since they usually don’t stray out of their national borders for work.

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Giampaolo Miraglia

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Giampaolo Miraglia has a strange 3d meets retro kind of thing happening in his imagery. It feels like a generational clash and mishmash of 80s, 70s and just enough of ‘now’ peppered in to make it interesting. It doesn’t look like anything I have really seen lately and it’s worth a quick look.

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Herbert Matter Documentary

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My university kept a strict curriculum of design history courses paired with courses devoted to the study of typography. Our program was closely allied to the Bauhaus and as a result I drank in a large gulp of the work of Herber Matter. His work was a distinct influence of several of my fellow students so I was thrilled to uncover via the ever-great Grain Edit that there will soon be a documentary released about his work. Hopefully a documentary about the great Herbert Bayer will soon follow.

You can watch a preview above and read the entire post about the making of the documentary and it’s release over at Grain Edit.

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Letterpress Monster

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Letterpress Monster is the working scrapbook and portfolio of British designer and printer Ian Gabb. He’s got some delectable print projects that involve every designers favorite tactile typographic medium the letterpress.

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Rainbow Monkey: Updates

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Markus Hofk is a ‘conceptual image maker’. I like that description a lot. He has recently updated with exactly that and seems to approach each new project with a uniquely individual perspective that wins out over the embrace of a consistent style. That’s not an easy thing to do and he appears to be doing it very well under his monicker Rainbow Monkey.

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MWM x Attik x Coke x London Olympics

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Matt W. Moore has had what was no doubt the sheer pleasure of producing a massive visual juggernaut of graphics for Attik’s campaign for Coca-Cola during the London 2012 Olympics. It’s no doubt the largest representation of MWM’s signature style and it’s wild to see it in such a wide and sweeping format from everything to coke cans and bottles to uniforms. A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away Matt used to occasionally write for this blog and has since blossomed into a significant talent. It’s wonderful to see him doing such amazing work for such a large campaign. Hats off to you good sir and don’t forget us over here at good ole CTT.

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Build: Updates

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If you are a good little designer then you have no doubt been inspired for a long time now by the work of Michael C. Place and his studio Build. He is a well established brand in this tough business we find ourselves scraping away at and he has consistently put out solid work for so long now that he almost makes it look easy. Build has recently updated with more minimal and downright beautiful work for print, branding and web and like usual it is well worth a look.

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Berger & Fohr

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“Berger & Föhr is a Boulder-based multidisciplinary design Studio. We practice cohesive visual communication characterized by modernism, minimalism and the search for objectivity. We employ a comprehensive methodology emphasizing clear and concise communication – to create lasting, considered work.”

Berger & Föhr is run by a friend of mine who I haven’t seen much of in the past few years. It’s been a delight to watch their transformation though and I think they are bringing a needed element to the design and advertising scene here in Colorado. Positioning themselves as they have is a smart move and they are doing well as a studio because of it. I applaud the approach and congratulate them on their recent movie and new website.

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Andaur Studios

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Okay this is always the kind of thing as a designer/illustrator in my 30s that kind of freaks me out a little bit but Andaur Studios is the work of  a 17 year old self-taught, multidisciplinary freelance Art Director, Digital Artist and Graphic Designer located in Santiago. Yes I said 17.

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La Boca: Updates

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Every once in a while after running a blog like this for several years you get an email in your inbox from someone you have an insane amount of respect for, of course that’s not to say that you also constantly discover people you have an insane amount of respect for but anyway…this week I got an email from one of my all time favorite design and illustration studios La Boca. They have updated their already amazing portfolio with yet more amazing things and it’s a genuinely inspirational browse through their portfolio. So enjoy compliments of La Boca.

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Nick Dart: Updates

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Nick Dart has some brilliantly understated graphic design work in his portfolio and he recently updated with more (thankfully) of the same. Excellent work.

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Komboh: Updates

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Right off just from the completely different look of their website you know you can expect some seriously tight design from Komboh. A recent drop in on their portfolio revealed exactly that as well as some notable updates. Excellent work all around.

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