Karol Gadzala

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Polish graphic designer and typographer Karol Gadzala has some slick yet simple work in his Behance portfolio including some likeable apparel work for Nike.

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Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic is a Designer, Typographer & Creative Director of The KDU (the world’s largest private design society.) Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lex is a graduate of both Pratt Institute and Temple University of Japan, and has lived and worked in New York and Tokyo. He is currently based in Brooklyn.”

There’s some high gloss in that there portfolio.

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The Ghosts

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Eddie O’Keefe  brings you Ghosts a ‘Teenage Fever Dream’ about girls, boys, rock ‘n’ roll, sex, guns, leather, summer, humidity and suburbia.

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Motohiro NEZU

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Motohiro NEZU is an LA based graphic designer and illustrator who is churning out some nice pop art influenced works including some tasty drippy vector portraits of famous basketball players.

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Orticanoodles is the work of Alita and Wally, a pair of Italian graffiti artists who produce some truly amazing stencils through which they generate pop art influenced images that decorate urban walls, skate half-pipes and canvases. I was hoping to purchase one of their works but alas they are a little out of my price range. It would be great to see them produce a set of silkscreens based on their stencil work, I might be able to afford one of those.

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Peachbeach is the work of ‘three village delinquents’ based in Berlin who move fluidly from wall (graffiti) to pencil to screen with some excellent characters readymade for apparel including little gnome farmer hobbits riding squirrels.

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Who Stole My Bike

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Who Stole My Bike is the illustration work of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based artist who also runs a small apparel company called The Quarrelsome Yeti. He’s got some tasty doodles and full on excellent detailed illustrations in his Flickrfolio.

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Michael Spoljaric

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michaelspoljaric.jpgNow Portland based graphic design Michael Spoljaric’s career path can be traced back through Attik, the Phantom Research Foundation, R!OT Manhattan, Spontaneous and now Nike where he works on the basketball account and is responsible for these excellent illustrations that I ran into on a trip to NY this summer. NOTE: Apparently the talented illustrator Saiman Chow created the illustrations. Apologies for any confusion and credit where credit is due.

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Luke Jinks

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Luke Jinks’s illustrations draw influence from folklore, tales from the past, and traditional western tattoo culture. Luke is also tattoo apprentice at Infinite Ink tattoo studio near Birmingham.

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Bodagh is the art/illustration work of Daniel Reyes who has a very small but interesting body of strangely psychedelic imagery.

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Smatik is the work of lithographer turned pixel cruncher André Ljosaj who has an amazing imagination and the ability to create some amazingly imaginative imagery.

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The FP

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In a post-apocalyptic ‘Mad Max’ like world created by the director duo the Trost Brothers problems are solved ‘Dance Dance Revoloution’ style. All you need is a bench, the backing of your crew and a bad ass eye patch. We feel strongly compelled to see this movie and maybe throw a big crazy video game dance party right afterward.

PS: This trailer is NSFW. So now you must watch it immediately.

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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Alright, I am totally going to have to see this and you should too if you have ever worked anywhere near, in or around advertising which should pretty much encompass all of us in the creative industry, at least those of us who have had to work on a commercial project, so like I was sayin’ pretty much all of us. Ironically actually, I think Morgan Spurlock himself was once a graphic designer. So go figure.

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Poster Aid Controversy

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Writer John Pavlus has asked a question that has sparked a healthy debate amongst the design community over the creation of postera to spark aid for disasters and has used James White’s (Signlenoise) recent poster which raised $7,000 for charity as the crux for his argument. It’s caused quite a stir if you scroll down the read the comments, and to be honest we have struggled so far with what the right reaction to our concern over Japanese crisis should be as a studio. We thought about creating a poster but immediately felt mixed emotions about doing so for the very reasons Pavlus raises but we also see the positive in creating something that inspires people to give who otherwise would not. It’s an interesting debate. What do you think?

We decided probably the best thing we could do was just post a link to donate to charity which you will now see to the right of the blog until we think it’s the right time to take it down.

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Chiemgau Impressions

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Chiemgau is the region where DP/cinematographer Mario Feil lives. It’s between Munich and Salzburg in the very south of Bavaria. He compiled this video from several shots gathered from around the region combining slides (real time and timelapse) done with the Kesslercrane Cineslider (Oracle Controller, Electra drive) to create this stunning video with music by Nouvelle Vague.

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Dev Harlan – Pyramid IV

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Dev Harlan uses foam, plaster and video projection mapping to make some strange, wondrous and truly psychedelic art installations. This video is from an ongoing show at the Christopher Henry Gallery, NY, NY.

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Anna-Wili Highfield

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Sydney based Artist Anna-Wili Highfield uses paper and copper piping to create exquisite bird and animal sculptures.

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Dart Flick

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This is a tasty audiovisual experiment with Tuskle by Vicetto.

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