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Talented, expansive, strange, quirky and original illustrator Jules Julien has updated once again with inspiring and mysterious new works.

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Guillermo Fajardo

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Whoa. The illustrations of Peruvian illustrator and digital artist Guillermo Fajardo are totally eyeball-bursting insane.

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Terminator 2 Poster Release

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Mystery Box has teamed up with James White of Signal Noise fame and Tom Muller AKA HelloMuller to release two posters for the sci-fi action movie to end all sci-fi action movies Terminator 2. Both posters feature each designer’s unique approach to the subject matter and either/or can be purchased here. Both posters were printed by Burlesque of North America so top quality is insured.

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Nicolas Bouvier has been an Art Director and Concept Artist since 1996 producing works for film and gaming. He currently lives in Seattle and works for Microsoft. He draws his influences from various sources and cultures which range from space, architecture, robotics and beyond.

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Justin M. Maller: Updates

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The visual engineering beast Justin M. Maller has updated his portfolio yet again with another onslaught of colorful creativity this time featuring work for brands like Nike and Coke.

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Cristiano Siqueira: Portraits

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Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira otherwise known as Cris Vector has batched some of his past portraits for various clients in his Behance portfolio. There is some inspiring work awaiting your perusal.

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Angelica Alzona

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Illustrator Angelica Alzona likes to keep things a bit dark with moody brooding imagery that is occasionally lightened by just a hint of fantasy.

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Gerrel Saunders

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You don’t exactly see a long list of designers and illustrators from Trinidad and Tobago but Gerrel Saunders makes the cut with some hot and brightly colored poptastic illustration work.

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Chilean artist and illustrator Felipe Vargas Lübbert has been making the go rounds the internets and blogosphere with the above image. His colorful, airbrushed and slightly-retro-tinged illustration work is easy on the eyes and lots of fun to look at. It’s his more science fiction based work that I find most interesting.

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Kilian Eng Again

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Science Fiction illustrator Kilian Eng updates his amazing portfolio yet again with more insanely beautiful and striking imagery. He continues to be a source of both inspiration and a wellspring of imagination.

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Illustrator Stefaan De Croock has some dense and detailed illustration work on his website that is vibrant and kinetic. He’s equally good at translating said imagery from paper to walls and as a result does his share of mural work.

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Pietari Posti: Updates

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Illustrator Pietari Posti was someone I used to check in on regularly back a year or two ago. It’s been a long time since I have browsed his work but there has been an update and what looks like a new website. Posti is still rocking with some exceptionally artistic and colorful imagery.

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Jack Hughes

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It’s rare you see simple vector illustration work done right but Jack Hughes has a handle on it and is keeping it a touch retro but the stylistic approach and the content are a pitch perfect match.

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James Jirat Patradoon: Updates

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One of my favorite pop illustrators has very recently updated his portfolio with some imagery from a recent gallery show. James Jirat Patradoon also got down on generating some animated gifs for the show that played on old televisions. Cool idea.

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Sam Weber is Amazing

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He’s updated his portfolio yet again with dark and glorious imagery. The guy is such an inspiration. His work continues to be spectacular and no that is not an exaggeration.

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Chris B. Murray: Updates

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Illustrator Chris B. Murray was posted here not long ago but he’s updated his portfolio with some excellent new illustration work that is definitely worth checking out.

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Obery Nicolas

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There are some absolutely wild black and white digital collages in the Behance portfolio of French designer and illustrator Obery Nicolas. The imagery is very interesting and different from a lot of what I’ve seen lately.

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Things get a little creepy in the portfolio of artist and illustrator Kreemos. It’s the kind of psychedelic creepy that I like though.

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