Seb Lester: Peace

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Typographer Seb Lester has released another beautiful print with a simple message, ‘peace’. That message is communicated however through a complex and beautiful work of artistic typography. To find out more about purchasing the print visit Lester’s website.

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Bella Typeface

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Bella is a new typeface drawing inspiration from Herb Lubalin designed by Rick Banks AKA ‘Face37‘ available exclusively at Hype for Type. I gotta say I think it is quite possibly one of the most attractive typefaces I have seen hit the market in a long time. The letterforms and the ampersand are absolutely exquisitely designed. I am itching to get my hands on a copy. It’s a truly gorgeous alphabet.

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Skyrill: Type Fluid

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The design and advertising studio Skyrill (run by two brothers) have put together and experimental type study titled ‘Fluid’. They have detailed images available outlining the project at their blog. There are some striking ‘type as image’ visuals that resulted from the project.

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We are digging this series of letterforms created under the theme ‘microorganisms’ by designer and typographer Ruslan Khasanov.

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26 letters 26 pictures

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I am digging some of the restrained typographic collage work in the series ‘26 letters 26 pictures‘ by graphic designer Denis Lefèvre.

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Allan Peters

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Allan Peters is a Minneapolis based Art Director, Graphic Designer and Typographer with some clean, simple and air-tight work in his portfolio including some exceptional type work for Nike.

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FFF: Chat with Alex Trochut

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The great guys at Form Fifty Five recently caught up with Barcelona based typography wizard Alex Trochut after this year’s OFFF event to talk candidly about life and design. It’s an insightful and fun little interview.

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Andrei Robu: Updates

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Andrei Robu is the Design Director and a Partner at Acme Industries, a design office located in Bucharest, Romania that pecializes in lettering and brand design. Andrei just updated his personal website with some excellent typographical and graphic design work.

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Piotr Tarka

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There is some crazy colorful dimensional typography happening in the portfolio of Polish designer/typographer Piotr Tarka. From the looks of his book his work is attracting some big clients as well. He’s not shy about his use of color and love of pop.

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Rejane Dal Bello

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Sorry to copy and paste but this is a very well written and informative bio so:

“Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator Rejane Dal Bello has been based in The Netherlands since 2004. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she began her career working for renowned branding & design companies in Brazil.

After her BA in Graphic Design in Rio de Janeiro, Rejane went on to study under Milton Glaser at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She completed a MA at Post St Joost Academy in The Netherlands in 2006. During her MA, Rejane joined Studio Dumbar, a graphic design studio that has established a unique position in the Dutch Design scene.

Rejane is currently a Senior Design at Studio Dumbar, as well as a member of the faculty of Post St Joost Academy, where she teaches Graphic Design and Creative Process.”

Rejane is a powerhouse packed punch of everything I love, Brazil, color, typography, Rio and Milton Glaser. Good stuff. No. Great stuff.

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Hype For Type: Exclusives

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Hype for Type recently released another stellar pack of typefaces including ‘Nagasaki’ (my personal favorite) by Tom Muller. It looks like something you might have seen on the cover of a sci-fi novel from the 70’s. Hype for Type has been really smart about who they’ve worked with so far and this new series is a fine example of their careful curation of typographical talent (try and say that 3 times fast).

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Karol Gadzala

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Polish graphic designer and typographer Karol Gadzala has some slick yet simple work in his Behance portfolio including some likeable apparel work for Nike.

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Oscar Pastarus: Updates

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Strangely, I thought we had posted this already but designer Oscar Pastarus got in touch letting us know he had added a new array of tasty black and white design, illustration and typography to his website including some nice letterwork for You Work For Them.

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Wow, we really really like this experimental typographical (numerical) collage experiment executed by German designer Kid Grandios that can be viewed via his Flickrfolio.

Simple and good.

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Michele Angelo: Behance

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Michele Angelo who also goes by Super Expresso is a Barcelona-based designer typographer who just manages to keep cranking out the most likeable compositions including this newly updated list at her Behance folio.

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Sergey Shapiro

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Calligrapher Sergey Shapiro has a long scroll of inspirational calligraphic typography work just waiting there to spring your mouse’s roller ball into action.

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Andre Beato: Updates

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Portuguese type-as-image designer André Beato has some simple but extremely likeable clever typographic layouts in his portfolio that are attracting attention across the creative blogosphere. And those layouts have recently been refreshed.

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State Mottos Project

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The ‘State Mottos Project‘ is pulling together designers and illustrators across the U.S.A. to create one-off pieces incorporating the state motto from their designated locale. We begged the curators to let us take on Nebraska, the quirky little heart of America that I and Cartman from Southpark hail from but the space was already taken. Regardless, there are some fun things happening throughout the project as could be expected since the anchoring concept is interesting in it’s own right.

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